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Originally know as Heliotrope, the name derives from the Greek ἥλιος, hḗlios, meaning “Sun” & τρέπειν, trépein meaning “to turn” alluding to the various ancient notions about the way the stone reflects light. These are described by Pliny the Elder (Nat. Hist. 37.165). Later through history Heliotrope became known as Bloodstone, an obvious reference to the red spotted inclusions, today it is most commonly known as Bloodstone.

A significant stone throughout history & spirituality. For centuries Heliotrope has been prized as a Gemstone & used in ornate carvings for decorative, practical & spiritual purpose. Although the modern-day birthstone for March is Aquamarine, Heliotrope is considered the traditional birthstone for March. Historically regarded for its metaphysical aspects, Heliotrope was called "stone of Babylon" & had many magical properties attributed to it from late Antiquity. Pliny the Elder (1st century) wrote the magicians used it as a stone of invisibility. Damigeron (4th century) wrote about its property to preserve health & youth, make rain & solar eclipses. He also noted it to have special virtue in divination. Revered as a stone of courage, Ancient warriors were said to carry Heliotrope amulets with them to help stop bleeding from wounds & to protect against the evil eye.
The known ancient source of Heliotrope was the Kathiawar Peninsula of India, current notable locations are Madagascar, California, USA, Australia, Germany, Brazil, China & the Isle Of Rum, Scotland.

This mineral is classified as part of the Chalcedony species & is often confused with or given the incorrect name of Jasper. Both are microcrystalline members of the Chalcedony species, however Heliotrope is categorised separately due to a distinct colouring/mineralisation that is easily visually discernible.
Heliotrope forms in hydrothermal fissures & veins, it is deposited when low temperature (up to 200oC) silica rich waters percolate through cracks, fissures & veins. The classic or pure Heliotrope is dark forest green (sometimes with a bluish hue) & has red spot inclusions of iron oxides, mainly Hematite. The spots may be sparse or very dense & even interwoven. The solid green colour is caused by dense inclusions of Chlorite, Pyroxene & Amphibole minerals such as Hornblende needles inside Chalcedony. Although commonly solid green with red spots, variants can occur with lighter or darker green zones, bluish-grey or dark yellow streaks & spots. Red inclusions may also present as stripes or veins, though spotted is the most sort after. Yellow spots present in solid green it is known as Plasma stone.

Metaphysical Properties
Stone of Courage, considered to hold universal power, the master of Sun’s & speaker of Gods, with deeply powerful magik of ancient connection Heliotrope cultivates wisdom, intuition, creativity, abundance & love. Purifying, balancing & revitalizing. It renews & strengthens energy fields, stimulates intellect & promotes good wellbeing. Both grounding & protecting with the ability to expand one’s energy field & deflect negative energies. A great travellers stone said to warn of approaching danger, it promotes instinctive & practical movement, with calm, concise action.
Heliotrope motivates new growth & positive change. It teaches how to accept, endure & understand the energy cycles of life, what to let die for the new to be born. It shows the intimate & interconnected relationships of all particles, through this it brings oneness, showing humankind as just one part of the wider family of life.
A powerful Devic energy resides within Heliotrope & with its regenerative properties this makes an excellent plant, animal & Earth healer. It can harness ley/dragon lines/telluric currents & focus the energy on rejuvenating the area. A stone of all Sorcerers with Druid & Shaman wisdom/magik of Otherworlds & soul journeys. The Earth & Fire element within instils love of the land, the Earth, the stars & the wild. It guides one to master physical realm manifestation, excellent for wealth/money/abundance spells or incantations.
It opens dormant past life powers & forgotten energy channels, gifting strength, self realisation & expansion of magik. Heliotrope also teaches the ancient art of synchronizing energy fields through elemental magik, how to manipulate weather, move clouds, create rain, focus Sun energy & harness the wind. It opens communication with all living beings including non-sentient beings.
Heliotrope magnifies the potency of all magik particularly plant/herb magik, Moon magik, alchemical magik, blood magik & creation magik. With this ancient wisdom comes ancient laws of threefold, Heliotrope imparts the wisdom, honour & responsibility needed to harness, along with the strength to wield this magik.

Crystal Healing
Blood Cleansing & detoxifying, assists vascular, lymphatic, endocrine & nervous system, haemorrhages, haemorrhoids & liver dysfunction. Boosts immune system, helps relieve stress, anxiety & good for trauma recovery.

Group: Silicates - Chalcedony
Crystal System: Trigonal microcrystalline aggregates
Composition: SiO2
Form/Habit: Fibrous to grained aggregates
Hardness: 6.5 - 7
Fracture: Conchoidal, rough, brittle
Lustre: Waxy, Resinous, Vitreous
Specific Gravity: 2.58 – 2.64
Transparency: Translucent, Opaque
R.I: 1.530 – 1.543
Colour: Primarily dark green/dark bluish green + red spots – (yellow spots are known as plasma) can include a range of alternative colours.
Birefringence: 0.003 – 0.009
Pleochroism: Absent
Fluorescence: None
Causes of Colour: Red occurs from Fe - Iron oxide. Green from Chlorite, Pyroxene, Amphiboles. Others various mineral inclusions can influence colour.

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