We must stress please don't be afraid, be educated! 
nd avoid licking random rocks.  

This is a short but not complete list of minerals that require special care. It is the collectors responsibility to ensure they know how to handle their specimens. Find information to educate yourself on each crystal, mineral or specimen you own. When in doubt exercise caution using gloves. A few across the board rules are don't inhale dust, ingest or lick crystals & washing hands is a good idea.

Cinnabar: Mercury Sulfide releases if disturbed.

Orpiment: Arsenic & Sulfur toxic if powder is inhaled/ingested

Stibnite: Antimony Sulfide - handle with care (preferably gloves) wash hands.

Tobernite: Uranium Phosphorous, Copper & Uranium - gives of toxic gas & emits radiation.

Arsenopyrite: Iron Sulfide Arsenic - if disturbed releases toxic gas with garlic odour.

Chrysotile (illegal to sell in Australia)& Amphibolite: Asbestos toxic if inhaled.

Galena: Lead ore - toxic dust handle with care - wash hands.

Calcanthite: Copper Sulfate - is bioavailable & water soluble, toxic in high
quantities if ingested/inhaled.

Phenakite, Emerald & all Beryls: Contains beryllium - toxic dust.

Malachite: Copper - Toxic dust & bioavailable - water soluble, toxic in high quantities if ingested/inhaled. Fibrous forms are best kept bagged.

Hutchinsonite: Thallium, Lead & Arsenic handle with caution ( preferably gloves) wash hands. Don't inhale.

Crocidolite: Blue Asbestos toxic if inhaled.

Conichalcite: Arsenic mineral, toxic dust - wash hands.

In general crystal dust in high quantities can be dangerous & cause Silicosis.

A note on crystal elixirs: Do Not make/ingest an elixir without researching the chemical composition & ensuring it is not toxic.

There is no need to be scared of these crystals most are completely harmless when collected as a viewing specimen or used in jewellery. We are happy to assist with any question on this matter & can be contacted on Facebook, Instagram & by phone 0411 568 153