The name "mookaite" is a locational name, the rock was first noted as found at Mooka Station near Mooka Creek in the Kennedy Ranges in the Carnarvon Basin of Western Australia, around 1000km north of Perth. Local legend says the word “mooka” is from the indigenous people & means “running waters”. Possibly a reference to the many fresh water springs that feed Mooka Creek.
Mookaite is a fossiliferous sedimentary rock that occurs only in Australia, amongst Lower Cretaceous geological formations known as Windalia Radiolarite. Mookaite is geologically defined as a type of silicified Windalia Radiolarite with opaline to chalcedonic silicification. Windalia Radiolarite rock consists initially of the remains of tiny & microscopic marine organisms of foraminifera, calcareous nanoplankton fossils & radiolaria, which had a skeletal structure of opaline silica.
Along with Ammonites & Belemnites, vast amounts of radiolaria were deposited as sediment along the shore area of ancient seas. The seas receded, then silica rich groundwater facilitated cementing the sediments in solid rock. After millions of years of metamorphous the silica rich stone is now varicoloured opaline chalcedony that could be categorised as a jasper.
The initial Windalia rock composition gave rise to the formation of Mookaite. Highly mineralised silica rich solutions located in porcelainized outcrops seeped from the Windalia radiolarite bed beneath the floor of the creek. Variations in these clay/silica/carbonate solutions created complex layering relationships, colour variance is due to iron oxide/hydroxide granules as well as solution ratios during sedimentation. This formed the nodules & sheets of the multi coloured crystalline structure that is Mookaite.

Metaphysical Properties
Stone of the wise ancestors & animal guides. Also, known as the stone of Mother Earth, Mookaite connects to the most ancient of etheric records & the loving guidance of our ancestors. Enhances connection to instincts & intuition. Wisdom & enlightenment are found within, it helps you remember who you are, the strengths you have & the natural beauty you hold. This powerful Earth healer can help retrieve lost cultural information & enhance psychic connection.
A dream time stone it promotes restful sleep & peaceful prophetic vision. This gentle teacher is supportive & nurturing providing strength & direction. Mookaite promotes being an individual, great for practical projects or business, it gives focus, belief & motivation. A beacon of patience it helps ease anger, panic & confusion in stressful situations. By highlighting the bigger picture, it brings calmness, purpose & understanding to all situations. Facilitates good decision making & positive outcomes.
The Karmic laws of fairness & justice are accessed through Mookaite, it restores balance while promoting the highest good for all. Acceptance & self-love are important goals of Mookaite it helps release full potential & eradicates fear or blockages.
Excellent to use while traveling as it protective & resonates the loving peace of home, bringing security & comfort when distant from loved ones. Mookaite cleans & restructures energy fields, it uses regenerative Earth frequencies to neutralise negative energy. Also a friendship stone it represents peace, connection, warmth, love & luck. A powerful healer of human & animals it is comforting & reduces stress.

Crystal Healing
All ailments particularly illness & stress

Group: Sedimentary rock – Silica (Quartz)
Composition: SiO2
Crystal System: Microcrystalline aggregate
Form/Habit: Massive ultrafine silica
Hardness: 6-7
Cleavage: None
Fracture: Conchoidal, splintery
Lustre: Vitreous
Streak: White, Yellow, Brown
Specific Gravity: 2.58 – 2.91
Transparency: Translucent to Opaque
Colour: Varicoloured white, cream, brown, grey, yellow, orange-red, purple-red, yellow & mauve

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