Thulite is a pink variety of the mineral Zoisite, the pink to red colouring occurs due to the presence of Manganese within the crystal. Manganese substitutes for calcium in the structure with up to two percent Mn2+

The mineral displays characteristics of regional metamorphism & hydrothermal alteration of igneous rocks. Thulite results from metamorphism of calcium rich rocks & most typically occurs in medium grade schist’s. Appearing as veins & fracture fillings it can also transect many various types of rock. It is therefore found with many associate minerals such as Calcite, Quartz, Rhodonite, Fluorite, Albite, Micas & various Feldspars.

Thulite is sometimes referred to as Rosaline or Manganoan Zoisite. The term Clinothulite refers to a different mineral, a manganese bearing variety of monoclinic clinozoisite although related to Thulite is has a different crystal structure being monoclinic & not orthorhombic like Thulite.

Thulite’s first noted discovery was in Sauland, Telemark of Norway in 1820. It is named after the mythical island of Thule. Thule was noted as the farthest north location mentioned in ancient Greek & Roman literature & cartography. It is now believed Thule was actually Iceland or the Shetland islands & ultima Thule was Greenland. Interestingly the term ultima Thule (Latin "farthermost Thule") evolved into a metaphorical meaning of any place located beyond the "borders of the known world". Although the first noted location of Thulite was Norway it has since been found in multiple locations around the world such as Austria, North Carolina & Washington U.S.A, Australia, Canada, China, Italy & Japan.

Thulite is used as a gemstone & decorative carving material for jewellery & ornamental objects.

Metaphysical Properties
Thulite speaks of connection & compassion whispering to us ‘Love conquers all’.
This immense love vibration breaks down mental barriers & dissolves old programming that creates limiting belief systems. Thulite shows the world beyond the shadows, illuminating new pathways & possibilities. Excellent for dissolving generational boundaries it opens the heart & mind to understanding different or new concepts & ways of thinking.

Thulite helps one to establish a positive internal dialogue it expands the heart chakra allowing a greater connection to other people & the surrounding world. Very good for introverts it helps adjust anxiety & installs a willingness to accept external energies without allowing them to override ones individual energy streams. It solidifies ones sense of self, boosting self confidence & inner courage with great strength.

This stone facilitates the process of resetting it quiets confusion & fear, bringing love & gratitude it replaces negative energies with positive ones. It is excellent for aiding the healing of grief or loss & helps one to get back on their feet after a traumatic experience. Thulite unearths lost or repressed memories bringing the opportunity for understanding, healing, wholeness & happiness. It holds a gentle yet powerful energy of love & understanding this makes it very good for sensitive people or those whom may be in a fragile emotional state & need some energetic support. This is a stone of non judgment it offers only love & compassion.

Thulite holds the gifts of sight imparting the ability to look beyond what can not be seen into other realms of possibility where new enlightened experiences can be found. It enhances psychic abilities & otherworldly connections making it excellent for channelling or divining. Due to its immense powers of connectivity it can be used to create powerful magic & is an excellent ally for those practicing ritual magic or spell casting.

Crystal Healing
Chronic illness or pain, circulatory issues & tiredness, skin trauma & bruises, muscular issues & injuries. Emotional issues such as mood swings, depression & anxiety also utilise for cellular stress & mental fatigue.

Group: Zoisite - Sorosilicate
Crystal System:  Orthorhombic
Composition: (Ca,Mn)2Al3(SiO4)(Si2O7)O(OH)
Form/Habit: Massive
Hardness: 6.5
Cleavage: Perfect {010} imperfect {100}
Fracture: Uneven to conchoidal
Lustre: Vitreous, pearly on cleavage surfaces
Streak: White or colourless
Specific Gravity: 3.10-3.38
Transparency: Opaque sometimes translucent
R.I: 1.69-1.70
Colour: Pink – red, often with grey or white inclusion
Birefringence: 0.006-0.018
Pleochroism: Present, dichroism or trichroism depending on colour.

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