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Ametrine is a rare macrocrystalline Quartz variety also known as Trystine or Bolivianite, it exhibits both violet purple & golden yellow colour zoning. The geological conditions to create Ametrine are somewhat unique as it requires a delicate yet stable environment of balanced chemicals, temperature, pressure & radiation over a very prolonged time period. Crystal growth starts through hydrothermal activity within fissures & veins, often forming in vugs or cavities. The Anahi Mine in far eastern Bolivia is the worlds primary Ametrine mine here the crystals are found within the dolomitic limestone ridge of the Murcielago Group.

The term Ametrine is a combination of the words Amethyst & Citrine as it was originally believed to be a combination of these two Quartz varieties, however it has since been concluded that the yellow colouring is not the same composition as Citrine. The yellow zoning is more correctly identified as Ferruginous Quartz as its colouring is due to Iron not Aluminium & Lithium impurities which are present in natural Citrine’s.

The varying colours occur from different Iron oxidation states, the purple comes from Iron Fe4+ found within the crystal framework & the yellow colours are from the presence of Iron Fe3+. Both colours require irradiation which occurs naturally within the Earth & is attributed to the decay of potassium-40. Another point to note is when Ametrine is heated, only the purple changes while the yellow retains its colour. Natural Citrine will begin to pale then progressively loose colour when heated to 200˚C or above while Amethyst will start to change colour at 300˚C turning gold, brown or green (if Fe2+ is present) temperatures high enough to change the colour of Amethyst would turn Citrine white, this test shows the yellow Quartz component is not the same as Citrine. This definition is one of a mineralogical nature, it is commonly acceptable within gemmology or lapidary fields to call Ametrine, Citrine & Amethyst. Many books on the subject do not acknowledge the differing chemical compositions or physical characteristics.

Ametrine’s zoning of colour comes about by what is known as Brazil law twinning this creates well structured distinguishable colour sections. They often form a geometric pattern that radiates outwards from the c-axis, when cut perpendicular to this axis they can display a perfect pin-wheel like pattern. There are many synthetic or fake Ametrine’s on the market they are generally either laboratory grown in hydrothermal solutions or created through heat & radiation treatments, there are many proces

According to legend, the Ayoreo Indian tribe of eastern Bolivia knew about the crystals over 500 years ago. It is said Ametrine was first introduced to Europe by a conquistador who gifted the gem to a Spansh Queen in the 1600s, he acquired the Bolivian mine as a dowry when he married the princess Anahi from the native Ayoreos tribe. The mine was lost for centuries, it is now fully functioning & has been commercially operated since 1989. 

Metaphysical Properties
Stone of divine destiny. A highly protective stone that generates a fine joyous vibration, helping one to stay positive & fearless. Ametrine’s fine high vibration helps elevate the conscious mind casting off dense growth inhibiting lower frequencies. It dissolves energetic blockages that are preventing one from achieving their greatest potential & embracing destiny. It imparts an energy of resilience & strengthening both mental & emotional processes. This fortifies the heart & mind energies to help one stay focused on goals or projects at hand.

Ametrine alleviates emotional exhaustion & aids the relief of emotional turmoil helping to process negative emotions & move through anxiety or fear. It illuminates, raising these dense negative energies to the surface for introspection, understanding & release. By releasing these tense energies Ametrine eases stress & worry bringing inner peace. This creates a fluid centered mindset that helps elevate ones vibration opening & strengthening connections to higher energies & divine beings, bringing with it the gift of divine guidance.

Ametrine’s gift of higher consciousness enhances intuition & helps build solid mind, body, soul connections. This enhances sensory sensitivity which increases physic & energetic interpretation abilities, helping one gain a greater understanding of the unseen world. As it helps energy flow it is excellent for healers, it opens palm chakras giving greater ability to absorb & impart energy which enhances empathic & healing abilities, for both the self & others. Ametrine can be used to induce trance like meditative states, which are excellent for quickly clearing stagnant low vibration energy, connecting with guides/guardians & gaining deep insight or divining the future. These deep meditations/dream states are extremely useful for gaining enlightenment & reclaiming ones innate magic whether dormant, lost, forgotten or relinquished.

Ametrine restores joy & love, it is great for low libido especially when libido is low from high stress & spiritual or soul disconnection. Ametrine is particularly good for clearing all chakras, it brings in fresh energy, helps to free the flow of energy & restore the body’s meridians or energetic pathways back to their full potential.  

Crystal Healing
Improve blood quality, libido, muscle development & nerve damage. Anxiety, stress, fatigue, digestion, bladder issues/urinary tract, lower back & foot pain.   

Group: Quartz: Silicate - tectosilicate
Crystal System: Trigonal, hexagonal
Composition: SiO2
Form/Habit: Prismatic, massive
Hardness: 7 
Cleavage: None
Fracture: Conchoidal
Lustre: Vitreous
Streak: White
Specific Gravity: 2.65 
Transparency: Transparent - translucent
R.I: 1.54–1.55
Colour: Purple, yellow/gold
Birefringence: +0.009
Fluorescence: Inert to weak greenish or bluish
Pleochroism: Distinct: Amethyst section shows weak to moderate purple/reddish purple
Citrine section shows very weak yellow/orange 

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