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Ammonoids generally referred to as Ammonites are an extinct marine mollusc belonging to the Cephalopoda class of fossils. They where predatory animals with sharp beaklike jaws called aptychi that where surrounded by tentacles used to snare prey. Ammonites dominated many marine environments for an extensive period of around 300 million years from the late Silurian to around 65 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous period. They then became extinct during the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction event.

The name Cephalopoda / Cephalopod comes from the Greek ‘kephale’ meaning head & ‘podia’ meaning foot an anatomical reference to the head region tentacles. Incited by their spiral shape the name Ammonite is a derivative of ammonis cornua meaning horns of Ammon an ancient reference to the Egyptian God Amun-Ra / Ammon. Known as the horned God he was historically depicted adorned with ram’s horns upon his head.

An Ammonites shell is essentially crystal, it grew this by secreting a specialised protein called conchiolin which provides the structure to nucleate the crystals. They then secrete ions to activate the formation of calcium carbonate crystals & tailor the environment with pressure or other means to form Aragonite instead of Calcite. Due to the presence of these crystalline structures fossilised specimens can display stunning crystals of Calcite & Aragonite within the chambers. Ammonites have proved to be excellent index fossils due to their wide distribution & rapid continual evolution. They help date rock & other fossils that may accompany them in the strata layer.

These sea dwellers had an internal soft body which occupied the largest segments of the shell at the end of the coil this section is called the body chamber. Generally Ammonites formed in spiral like structures however a few species of heteromorphs took helically spiraled & non spiraled forms. As Ammonites grew they continually added incrementally larger chambers of Aragonite to the coil at the open end. The smaller earlier segments were internally closed off into sectioned chambers which the animal would use to manipulate & maintained its buoyancy & therefore swim. Control was achieved by using a siphuncle (tube like structure) to fill or release varying amounts of different solutions such as gas, air or water within the chambers. Females are often found to be larger then males this is theorised to be an evolutionary requirement of logistics, being females needed room for eggs & therefore became larger then their male counterparts.

Historically Ammonites have played a significant role in science, religion, economy & general human evolution. In medieval Europe, they were thought to be petrified snakes & referred to as "snakestones" or "serpentstones". They were considered to be evidence of divine action & were hailed for their perceived healing or divination powers. Ammonites from the Gandaki river in Nepal are called shaligrams, Hindus believe these to be a manifestation of the God Vishnu.

Ammolite is a term that refers to a jewellery quality gemstone material found on the outer shell of some Ammonites from specific regions such as Canada & Madagascar. It is classified as a biogenic gemstone along with Amber & Pearl. Often confused with Opal the colour & effect is caused primarily by Aragonite with varying micro impurities such as Pyrite & silica. During fossilisation if the right conditions prevail the Aragonite forms a lamella structure that reveals an iridescent play of colour when exposed to light.

Metaphysical Properties
Named for the Egyptian King of Gods Amun-Ra whose wisdom says “one can create all things including the self” The life spark crystal teaches the art of creation, manifestation & infinite potential, how to create your best self & live your best life.

Strongly connected to the divine they link us to our ancestral magic & higher consciousness. They hold within the secrets to the spiral of life, tapping into their energy accelerates growth & eradicates fear or mental blockages preventing one from achieving their true potential. Connected to all that was & will be Ammonites collect & ground energy, with focused intent they are powerful aids when creating the new.

Ammonites can help one reset & realign on all levels of life, physical, mental & spiritual. They cleanse the auric field healing past traumas & emotional pain. They can be used to release past life bonds, contracts, vows or attachments, this applies to entities & energy hooks as well. Also a powerful ally when rebuilding the self or going through periods of transformation & rebirth. They guide one through mental confusion keeping ones focus pointed in the right direction to achieve the souls purpose. Particularly good when one needs to find clarity & regain their center.

They shift ones perception allowing the integration of all life lessons into a holistic functioning unit, this consolidates energy, removes distractions & sharpens the ability to focus energy. An excellent Shamans stone they help anchor one in this world while travelling through others, great for past life travel, remembering & retrieval of lost information. They help maintain specific energies & frequencies to assist with astral travels, time travel, dimensional travel & veil shifting. Use to communicate with other realms & channel information back to the physical plane.

Ammonites can unify all energies & beings they are powerful allies in the quest for peace & unity they help build strong bonds of compassion in teams & families. They have a higher goal of global oneness & help us see through the eyes of love not fear. They make excellent talismans that protect against deception & the evil eye or any malicious intent. They also unify or isolate the elemental forces making them particularly good for spell casting & energy transmitions as they gather or separate the energy for the caster to focus or dissolve. Incorporate into Earth & water healing as they can spread energy through the rapidly collective.

Crystal Healing
DNA reprogramming – All ailments

Group: Fossil
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Cephalopoda
Sub Class: Ammonoidea
Order: Ammonitida

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