andalusite chiastolite

Andalusite is a metamorphic mineral found in Metamorphosed peri-aluminous sedimentary rocks. It forms through the regional metamorphism of shale & is found in schist & gneiss, often found associated with mica schists. Interestingly it has trimorphic properties with Kyanite & Sillimanite, it presents as the lower pressure mid temperature polymorph. At higher temperatures and pressures, Andalusite may convert to Sillimanite. Andalusite is considered an index mineral as it providing parameters & clues to depth & pressure involved in producing the host rock in which they are found.

The name Andalusite was intended to be an eponym for Andalusia, it was thought to have originally been found in Andalusia of Spain, Delamétehrie intended to name it after its perceived origin. However the locality soon came into question & it was discovered to have originally been found in Guadalajara instead, which is approximately 480km roughly north of Andalusia.

Andalusite has excellent thermal dispersion properties & can withstand high temperatures without alteration. These physical properties make it very useful industrially. It is utilised as a refractory in furnaces, incinerators & kilns, in the manufacturing of high-temperature porcelain in spark plugs, in high-temperature ceramics. 

As a gemstone high quality Andalusite is rare & strongly trichroic meaning it exhibits three different colours depending on the angle & light it is viewed under, this property makes it a highly sort after gem. The play of colour seen can vary through the red, green & yellow spectrums. A clear variety also used as a gemstone has been discovered in Brazil & Sri-Lanka. Currently South Africa holds & mines the largest deposit of Andalusite known to the world.

Chiastolite: is a variety of Andalusite. It is prized for its distinctive cross-shape caused primarily by inclusions of graphite & potentially other trace impurities. The Graphite interferes with & slows the growth process of Andalusite & creates cross shape of four radiating arms. In certain location such as Georgetown, California mica inclusions can also be present in the form of Muscovite, Paragonite & Margarite, this occurs pseudomorphically. For centuries people have revered Chiastolite for its religious & spiritual value. It is often cut & polished for use as amulets, talismans or charms. This stone was taken to many European countries, as a souvenir as far back as the sixteenth century by pilgrims returning from Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Metaphysical Properties
The stone of oneness. Promotes love & unity, with a somewhat totalitarian regime it creates loving harmonious unity & will not adhere to or entertain any forms of discord. Highly protective it wards off evil, breaks curses, hexes & spells. Dispels negative energy by shattering its frequency & provides a protective auric shield. Naturally imbued with great power this stone makes a most powerful talisman or amulet.

A wonderful emotional ally it creates a safe energetic environment for recovery, reflection & restoration. By generating positive energy, calmness & emotional stability it supports the energetic, emotional & mental self. Through difficult periods it brings grace & ease, making it feel much less intense or traumatic. It also helps deal with challenging stressful or traumatic past experiences & guides one through self healing to move forward into a happy bright existence. Casts out harsh judgments particularly self judgments & critical thinking breaking the cycle of negative thought & removing destructive mental programming.

Helps to build or reinstate trust in relationships including with the self, it helps us to forgive & release resentment to move forward in unity, building strong bonds. It dissolves jealousy, insecurity & feelings of unworthiness. Builds connections with like minded people, attracts those of the same frequency & illuminates those behaving in a fraudulent manner. Promotes flexible calm thinking & increases mental durability boosting problem solving abilities.

Excellent for meditation as it increases the body’s energetic frequency elevating the mind to higher states of consciousness. Place on third eye to induce visions & See potential futures, also excellent for remote viewing, distance healing & astral travel. Increases the body’s natural healing abilities & maximises Reiki energy. It activates all chakras & purifies the aura releasing any unwanted energies.

Repairs DNA & connects one to their innate dormant powers. It helps one discover their true self & grow with authenticity.

Historically said to be the heart of Jesus. It holds immense love with a focus on oneness & unity.

Crystal Healing
Assists skeletal & bone health or recovery, relieves back pain & headaches. Aids stomach & digestion. Balances gut flora. Good for psychological issues & mental stability.

Group: Silicates-Nesosilicate
Crystal System: Orthorhombic
Composition: Al2SiO5
Form/Habit: As euhedral crystals or columnar aggregates having nearly square cross sections; fibrous compact to massive
Hardness: 6.5-7.5 Chiastolite: 5-5.5
Cleavage: Good
Fracture: Uneven to subconchoidal
Lustre: Vitreous
RI: 1.627-1.649
Birefringence: δ = 0.009 - 0.010
Streak: White
Specific Gravity: 3.05-3.20
Transparency: Transparent to nearly opaque
Colour: Pink, violet, yellow, green, white, gray; in thin section, colorless to pink or green
Strunz Classification: 9.AF.10
Dana Classification: 52.02.02b.01
Pleochrosim: Strongly Trichroic; Yellow, Olive, red-brown/dark red.
Optical Properties: Double refractive, biaxial negative; Chiastolite has anomalous aggregate reaction.

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