Anhydrite is an anhydrous mineral of Calcium Sulfate. It is not isomorphous with the orthorhombic Baryte (barium) & Celestite (strontium) sulfates, which might be assumed from the chemical formulas. Anhydrite is most often located in evaporate deposits with gypsum & was first discovered in 1794 in a salt mine near Hall in Tirol. The name Anhydrite was given by A.G Werner in 1804, due to its absence of water in crystallization which is contrasted to the presence of water in gypsum.
Distinct crystals formations are rare, this mineral usually forms in large cleavage masses. When these masses are blue it is then referred to as Angelite. When exposed to water it absorbs the water & transforms into Gypsum. This transformation is reversible. Gypsum or Calcium Sulfate hemihydrate forms Anhydrite when heated to 200°C under normal atmospheric conditions. This mineral is commonly associated with Halite, Calcite & others sulfides such as Chalcopyrite, Pyrite, Galena & Molybdenite.

Metaphysical Properties
A stone of angelic energy, it carriers your dreams & prays on Angels wings to be manifested into the physical realm. Angelite opens & strengthens divine connection elevating the body’s vibration into a heavenly state. It increases all psychic abilities & releases blocked energy in the way of spiritual enlightenment. A powerfully calming & tranquil stone that’s balances energy bringing fluidity to life. It shows us the importance of timing & how to be patient, seeds must be planted then given time to grow.
Meditating with Angelite grows your wings preparing one for flight to achieve the soul’s life purpose & reach ones infinite potential. It opens our eyes to see the whole picture & all opportunities. Angelite resonates with the heart, throat, third eye & crown chakra stimulating connectivity & free expression. It creates a massive internal energy expansion of peace & love propelling it from ones entire being, this energy returns tenfold drawing happiness, love, peace & abundance back into your world.
Earth Angels & healers will have a powerful interaction with this stone as it opens doors to ancient knowledge needed to achieve the highest good in our physical realm. The understanding of ones higher self & intuitions becomes greatly enhanced providing excellent decision making & creation abilities.
Angelite facilitates out of body journeying & teaches us the truth of peace. It shows us how to remove ourselves from what the apparent normal existence is & achieve great things during our life time. The illusion of vanity, ego & the need for approval dissolve creating the perfect space for us to spread our wings unencumbered by the fear judgement or lack of acceptance.
Angelite tells us we are completely understood & accepted by those who see our truth & the great spirits. It also shows us that any external judgment is fear, it then provides immense support to face & release those fears. This stone has no limits & can propel us into a new era of spiritual evolution.

Crystal Healing
Throat issues, tissue inflammation, headaches, balance the thyroid. Assists with healing tissues, blood vessels & arteries, memory retention, weight management, eating disorders, respiratory issues, shoulder & back issues, muscle pain.

Group: Sulfate Mineral
Crystal System: Orthohombic – dipyramidal
Form/Habit: Rare tabular and prismatic crystals. Usually occurs as fibrous, parallel veins that break off into cleavage fragments. Also occurs as grainy, massive, or nodular masses
Hardness: 3.5
Cleavage: [010] perfect, [100] perfect, [001] good, resulting in pseudocubic fragments
Fracture: Conchoidal
Lustre:Pearly on {010}, vitreous to greasy on {001}, vitreous on {100}
Streak: White
Specific Gravity: 2.97
Transparency: Transparent to translucent
R.I: nα = 1.567–1.574, nβ = 1.574–1.579, nγ = 1.609–1.618
Colour:Colourless to pale blue or violet if transparent; white, mauve, rose, pale brown or gray from included impurities
Birefringence:δ = 0.042–0.044
Fluorescence:Some specimens fluoresce; many more fluoresce after heating
Pleochroism: For violet varieties, X = colorless to pale yellow or rose, Y = pale violet or rose, Z = violet.
Strunz Classification: 07.AD.30
Dana Classification: