The highly prized Brandberg crystals come from the Brandberg Mountain (Fire Mountain) in Namibia. They are one of the most beautiful, unique & distinct variety of Quartz crystals on the Earth. Often occurring as Amethyst & Smokey containing amazing features such as enhydros or water bubbles, Lepidocrocite flecks (iron oxides), phantoms (milky areas that look like pyramids) & the fenster amethyst which has pyramidal windows.
Mining Brandbergs is difficult the area around is hot, dry, almost inaccessible & no power tools are used. Crystal specimens are becoming increasingly hard to find. Miners can chisel away at the hard basalt rock for weeks, before finding a pocket & may collect only a few crystals. The basalt cavities of the Brandberg area are well known for their Quartz & Prehnite specimens, producing some of the best quality specimens in the world.

Metaphysical Meaning
Brandberg’s are highly protective, positive & transformational. They facilitates connection to higher beings & self, stimulating the understanding of universal connectivity on a molecular level. They bring the knowledge that embracing both light & dark is required for creation on the physical planes. Impenetrable clarity, vision, peace, harmony, forgiveness & tranquillity are found when meditating with a Brandberg.
Each crystal is pure high vibrational energy forged in pits of intense fiery darkness, they transpose their memory imprint which teaches one longevity through perseverance, along with many other secrets. Brandberg's have the ability to surface old issues for reflection, understanding & release, giving an advanced level of enlightened knowing. They resonate with all chakras & are masters at opening the third eye & crown Chakra.
They help to develop an understanding of & translate the minds thought patters. This filters away negative thinking & shifts cycles into powerfully abundant loops of manifestation. These crystals must be treated with respect, they offer enormous benefits to anyone genuinely seeking to improve.
When the soul is ready Brandberg’s draw you in, with the pulsating gift of spiritual evolution. Brandbergs become like a wise old friend, striving to assist on the journey of ascension via personal development, spiritual awareness & evolution through growth. Brandbergs wish to become one with their human friends, teaching that oneness is a safe & prosperous place of universal connectivity with limitless possibilities. The primary message within the Brandberg’s is you are infinite.

Crystal Healing
Activates energy centres of the body. Absorbs radiation/radioactivity. Helps to speed recovery from Illness. Removes cause of dis-ease.

Minerology – base chemistry
Group: Quartz, Silicate-Tectosilicate
Crystal System: Trigonal
Form/Habit: Prismatic
Hardness: 7
Cleavage: None
Fracture: Conchoidal
Lustre: Vitreous
Streak: White
Specific Gravity: 2.65
Transparency: Transparent, translucent, opaque
R.I: 1.544 to 1.553
Colour: Colourless, Brown, Black. Green, Pink, Violet, White, Yellow, Orange, Purple
Birefringence: 0.009
Pleochroism: Weakly Dichroic
Causes of Colour: Violet to purple (amethyst), O2+→Fe4+ charge transfer, due to irradiation. Blue, inclusions of blue dumortierite or tourmaline. Green ("greened amethyst" or prasiolite, Fe2+. Green (aventurine quartz), chromian mica (fuchsite) inclusions. Greenish yellow, colour centre. Yellow to orange (citrine), O2-→Fe3+ charge transfer, various Al3+ related colour centres. Smokey (smoky quartz), colour centre related to the Al3+ impunity. Pink (rose quartz), charge transfer between a substitutional Ti4+ & an interstitial Ti3+ unstable colour centre O- ion bridging between substitutional aluminium & substitutional phosphorus atom; dumortierite inclusions. White (milky quartz) is scattering of light by inclusions larger than the visible wavelengths.
Fluorescence: None

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