chlorite green phantom

Geology / History

Phantom Quartz is a variety of Quartz crystal that over millions of years has undergone the intrusion of variations of trace mineral content or radiation during its growth. These variations cause outlines of the crystal growth to appear within the body of the crystal due to colour or clarity variations caused by the variation of trace minerals or radiation. These outlines are the “Phantoms”.
The phantom outlines are typically aligned with the outer surfaces of the crystal. Phantoms are found in countries such as Austria, Brazil, Madagascar, Switzerland, Australia, Tibet & the United States.

Metaphysical Properties
An Angelic purifier that connects to the Angel realms opening the doors to the garden of Eden This powerful purifier & cleanser releases the soul from karmic bonds. They greatly increase energetic connections & teach oneness through connectivity. Dispersing negative energies & emotions they clear the way for manifestation to thrive.
These crystals clean & activate all chakras & energy centres. They release emotional wounds & negative attachments. Manifestation ability thrives with Green Phantoms as they dissolve all illusions & break down all obstacles. They are powerful Earth healers which can be used to heal very badly tortured lands & release negative energy trapped in the land.
They connect to extremely high vibrational energies & Angelic spirit guides, bringing forth heightened states of awareness. Green Phantoms teach the beauty of change & show us how to embrace change to build better more enlightened version of our self. Profound soul transformation can be experienced when embracing the truth within the Green Phantoms.
They show us our ability to expand is limitless & bound only by the limits of our own imaginations. Great expansion of the mind is found when this lesson is understood.
They promote a powerful protective energy within any environment. Can be used to prevent psychic attack & release curses or spells. Dark energies cannot exist in the presents of this crystal as it neutralises evil rendering it powerless.
A crystal of transformation they teach us how to move on to the next level. Points the soul in the best direction for growth & enlightenment. Phantoms show us the cycles of life & show the need for the old to die to give life to the new. They facilitate broader spiritual awareness & smooth all periods of transition creating effortless movement between stages of growth. Allows for assimilation of past lessons & reveals the strength within ones spiritual core, turning old wounds into new beauty.
Phantoms activate healing ability & stimulate healing for the planet, also opening psychic abilities. Calls past life powers into the physical realm for use in this life. Assists one to see between the worlds & converse with other realities. Phantoms open communications to beings from other worlds, particularly useful for contacting guides & stimulating clairaudience.
Enhances meditation & releases ingrained patterns. Shifts perception of self, unveiling ones eternal truths & opening the internal light source. Phantoms teach us how to turn toxic environments into joyful opportunities. They deflect negative energy & protect their human friends. Phantoms have the ability to activate all chakras.

Crystal Healing
Helps mineral absorption, bone & muscle disintegration, Joint movement, eyes, organ function & lymphatic system. Detox & circulation- helps the body to eliminate toxins. Useful for skin conditions & liver spots. Aids stress & anxiety.

Mineralogy - Chlorite
Group: Phyllosilicates
Crystal System: Monoclinic 2/m; with some triclinic polymorphs
Composition: (Mg,Fe)3(Si,Al)4O10 - Repeating unit (OH)2·(Mg,Fe)3(OH)6
Form/Habit: Foliated masses, scaly aggregates, disseminated flakes
Hardness: 2-2.5
Cleavage: Perfect 001
Fracture: Lamellar
Lustre: Vitreous, pearly, dull
Streak: Pale green to grey
Specific Gravity: 2.6–3.3
Transparency: Opaque
Colour: Various shades of green, rarely yellow, pink, red, or white.

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