Geology / History
Conichalcite is an Anhydrous Calcium Copper Arsenate Hydroxide which occurs in the oxidation zone of Copper ore body deposits. Typically an alteration product of enargite & often found encrusted on to Limonitic rocks that have yellow to red colours.
This uncommon secondary Arsenate mineral grows along with Limonite, Malachite, Adamite, Olivenite, Smithsonite, Beudantite & Cuproadamite. Conichalcites growth is instigated when Oxygen enriched groundwater reacts with Copper Sulfide & Copper Oxide. This can also produce an array of other colourful minerals such as Malachite, Azurite & Linarite.
Conichalcite forms a solid solution series with the mineral Calciovolborthite. A solid solution series occurs when two or more structurally identical minerals can interchange chemical elements without dramatically altering the crystal structure.The two interchanging elements of the solid solution series are Arsenic & Vanadium. Conichalcite is the arsenic rich end member of the series & calciovolborthite is the vanadium rich end member. The name Conichalcite was coined by August Breithaupt & Carl Julius Fritzsche in 1849 from the Greek κουία for "konis" (powder) & χαλκος for "chalkos" (copper) in reference to its composition & appearance of the mineral.
No information on health risks for this material has been entered into the database. You should always treat mineral specimens with care.

Metaphysical Properties
A gentle yet intensely strong distance healer that activates life force energies. Conichalcite stimulates intuition & connection to higher energies. Opens light channels bringing in ancient information & universal wisdom. Used in meditation it opens doorways to past life’s & alternate realms. This crystal is an excellent stress manager & unblocks emotional wounds.
Conichalcite is a new beginnings crystal which facilitates fresh growth by shifting blockages in the way of your soul’s life purpose. Releases Karmic ties & cleans the aura of toxic influence. Enhances stability, strength & endurance. Balances the heart chakra it opens the spirit to powerful loving light. An excellent healing stone that teaches us to look for lessons in life & turns negative energies into positive vibrations. Also fantastic for Earth healing.

Crystal Healing
Alzheimer’s, Memory Loss, Eye problems, skin elasticity, Degenerative disorders, Stress, Overactive Thyroid, Urinary disorders & Hormonal imbalance.

Group: Arsenate Mineral
Crystal System: Orthorhombic
Composition: CaCu(AsO4)(OH)
Form/Habit: Crusts of acicular to almost fibrous crystals. Also as botryoidal masses and compact crusts.
Hardness: 4.5
Cleavage: Absent
Fracture: Uneven
Lustre: Vitreous, Greasy
Streak: Green
Specific Gravity: 4.3
Transparency: Translucent
R.I: nα = 1.778 - 1.800 nβ = 1.795 - 1.831 nγ = 1.801-1.846
Colour: Grass-green to yellowish green, pistachio-green, emerald-green; may be zoned
Birefringence: δ = 0.023 - 0.046
Pleochroism: Visible
Strunz Classification: 08.BH.35
Dana Classification:

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