Diopside is a semi-precious gemstone. In gem quality it can exhibit a vivid emerald green colour, this variety is known as Chrome Diopside. Another variety Black Star Diopside is also considered to be a gem variety & displays chatoyancy in the form of a rare surface asterism. The name Diopside came from the Greek dis & opsis meaning ‘two face’ or ‘double view’ in reference to its potentially strong birefringence, giving a double image.

Diopside is a Calcium Magnesium Silicate Pyroxene mineral, it forms a complete solid solution series with Augite & Hedenbergite, also a partial solid solution series with Orthopyroxene & Pigeonite. With the right hydrothermal & environmental conditions Diospide will form Chrysotile (white Asbestos).

It can be found in chondrite Meteorites which are thought to be some of the earliest formed materials in existence. On Earth Diopside often crystalises direct from magmas, it can also form when siliceous dolomitic limestone are metamorphosed. It is found in ultramafic Kimberlites, olivine basalts (peridotite igneous rocks) & iron rich metamorphic rock or skarns.

Peridotite xenoliths commonly yield Chrome Diopside, grains of Chrome Diopside are often found near Kimberlite pipes, this makes them an indicator mineral when looking for Diamonds. 

Metaphysical Properties

A stone of abundance.

Historically considered to be a fortune stone, Diopside is excellent for business & money matters. It protects the wearer from treachery & deceit while illuminating the origin of such energy & exposing the truth in the situation. Those of malicious intent are repelled by Diopside. This stone is immensely strong, yet gentle & provides a radiant green healing light.

It helps positive growth & moving forward, particularly in difficult emotional times. It shows the bigger picture, bringing balance & equality to all situations. It dissolves negative or destructive thought patterns & holds the energetic blueprint for DNA & neurological reprogramming. Also a great ally when recovering from physical injury it helps to repair damaged tissues & restore energy, importantly it shows the root cause of injury/illness & assists in the releasing & healing of the trapped energies.

This stone nurtures one through the process of self realisation & healing of past wounds making it an excellent companion through spiritual awakening. Acting as a spiritual compass it highlights the way forward, brings new possibilities, new beginnings & new life. Diopside opens, cleans & energises the Heart chakra, it also resonates with the Throat & Solar Plexus chakras. It has a strong connection to the Earth, stars & spirit realm, this connection enhances all forms of channeling & anchors an immense light pillar. Communication with spirit guides, spirit or other worlds is increased, clearer & easier to understand. Also greatly enhances intuition & ones sixth sense. 

Crystal Healing

Balancing & unifying the bodies systems particularly the endocrine system. Issues with Arms, legs, ears, eyes, nose, kidneys, lungs, Uterus & testicles. Chrome Diopside – stress, inflammation & diabetes.


Group: Silicates - Inosilicates

Crystal System: Monoclinic, columnar crystals

Composition: CaMg(Si2O6)

Form/Habit: Equant to prismatic

Hardness: 6

Cleavage: Distinct in two directions at almost right angles

Fracture: Uneven, rough

Lustre: Vitreous

Streak: White

Specific Gravity: 3.22-3.38

Transparency: Transparent, translucent

R.I: 1.664-1.730

Colour: Green, yellow, brown, black, colourless, violet-blue

Birefringence: 0.017-0.020 (0.012)

Fluorescence: Violet, orange, yellow, green

Pleochroism: Weak; yellow-green, dark green

Strunz Classification: 9.DA.15