Elestial Crystals (Elestials) are identifiable by their unusual shape. Elestials are multi layered or etched quartz crystals with many small terminated crystal formations all over it. Two common patterns are a step & repeat pattern or the look of many small crystals all stuck together on the outer surface.
Elestials exhibit unique internal & external dissolution-growth features resulting from unstable conditions during crystallization. These skeletal growth features occur most often in the macrocrystalline quartz varieties rock crystal & smoky quartz, occurring more rarely in citrine or amethyst. Occasionally found together with some of the rarer pegmatite minerals such as lepidolite & amblygonite. Also occurs occasionally with some of the rare pegmatite gem varieties such as aquamarine, kunzite & tourmaline.

Metaphysical Properties
These crystals are energy powerhouses & powerful guardians of light. They ally with warrior spirits to bring forth a new age of pure love. Their very fine, high vibration holds immense golden light that annihilates all obstacles to peace. They are the keepers of the doorways to all existences & open the way to change. They are very helpful companions, in times of emotional stress as they comfort, encourage & bring peace.
This crystal releases Karmic bonds & establishes soul connections to draw in past life powers. Psychic abilities are greatly enhanced along with one’s energy field & chi. Elestial Golden Healers show you the pathways of your intuition, connect you to higher realm & initiate one into the way of the light.
Angels/Guides are anchored into the physical realm & your connection to them becomes unwavering. They thrive as a healing & manifestation tool bringing infinite abundance & complete understanding. The lessons within are of great power, each individual holds immense ability to wield unwavering love & light.
Elestial Golden Healers instill great spiritual strength & honor to their human friends. They are Iron fisted & relentless in achieving their goal of global awareness via a peaceful existence.
Elestials teach us the art of manifestation, how to use connectivity to create our desired outcome in physical form & positively affect change on a global level. As gateway bridges they aid in communication which is especially useful for talking to the plant, animal & fae realm. They show us many different ways to exists & help us see that the choice is entirely ours.
Elestials are very happy friends who bring laughter, happiness & joy. They connect the star chakra to the crown chakra then activate sequential opening of all other chakras. They energise, align & activate dormant chakra’s.

Crystal Healing
All ailments.

Group: Quartz (Silicate-Tectosilicate)
Crystal System: Trigonal
Composition: SiO2 + Fe inclusion
Form/Habit: Prismatic
Hardness: 7
Cleavage: None
Fracture: Conchoidal
Lustre: Vitreous
Streak: White
Specific Gravity: 2.65
Transparency: Transparent, translucent, opaque
R.I: 1.544 to 1.553
Colour: Colourless, Brown, Black. Green, Pink, Violet, White, Yellow, Orange, Purple
Birefringence: 0.009
Pleochroism: Weakly Dichroic