Epidote is a calcium aluminium silicate hydroxide mineral. It is classified as a sorosilicate. It occurs widely in metamorphic rock, typically it will form when plagioclase feldspar, pyroxenes & amphiboles become altered through the process of contact metamorphism & hydrothermal alteration. Epidote has also been found in Basalts & granite seams. Epidote can also be a rock forming mineral, two rock types that contain significant amounts are Epidosite (Epidote & Quartz) & Unakite (Epidote & pink Orthoclase). The locations where these rocks are found is rare, however significant amounts can be present.

Epidote was named by Rene Just Haüy in 1801, he used the Greek word επιδοσιζ - epidosis, meaning ‘increase’, as one side of the crystal prism is longer/wider then the other. One of Epidote’s traits is its excellent pleochroism, where it displays different colours from different angels or directions.  

Metaphysical Properties
Eliminates excessive electricity from the body, bringing the body back into its natural alignment with the Earths frequency. Epidote is a peace walker stone as it bring one into synchronicity with the Earth & all life on it, it syncs the body into natural rhythms making it excellent for people detoxing or starting new manifestation projects.  

Also great for gardeners & in gardens as it helps to bring forth new life. Epidote’s Earth connection is powerful & insistent it guides you to a natural state of being & oneness.

Epidote resonates with the Heart & Root chakra & provides a deep Earth anchor.

It drains heartache & returns it to the Earth for transmutation. It facilitates forgiveness & releases past trauma, grief & pain. Promoting calmness it helps to quiet an overactive mind & balances the imbalanced energetic field of the body.  

 It releases stress, worry & anxiety replacing them with feelings of joy & happiness. Epidote makes love a priority it promotes forgiveness & illuminates the importance of love in all its many forms. Epidote helps one connect to life, nature & the inner self. It builds resilience & dissolves fear of the unknown. Epidote strengthens, fortifies & helps to build solid foundations for future growth. It teaches flexibility of mind & lateral thinking, making it excellent for artists, academics & students alike.

Epidote teaches one to expand their mind & master ones own energy. It cleans & opens the auric field bringing greater spiritual awareness into the conscious mind & physical realm. It shows how to rise above problems while staying emotionally grounded, how to see multiple sides of a situation & how to formulate creative solutions. It casts of the negatives & obstacles in the way & focuses on positive outcomes.

Epidote’s greatest gift is it brings one in alignment with their true self. Body, mind & spirit become unified & powerful.

Crystal Healing
Helps with ADD, hyperactivity, Epilepsy, overactive mind, Low sex drive, inflammation, internal organs, anxiety, stress.

Group: Silicates-Sorosilicates
Crystal System: Monoclinic prisms
Composition: {Ca2}{Al2Fe3+} – repeating unit - [O|OH|SiO4|Si2O7]
Form/Habit: Prismatic with striations, fibrous, massive
Hardness: 6-7
Cleavage: Perfect
Fracture: Conchoidal, splintery
Lustre: Vitreous
Streak: Grey
Specific Gravity: 3.3-3.5
Transparency: Transparent to opaque
R.I: 1.729-1.768
Colour: Green, yellow, red, black
Birefringence: 0.030 (0.012-0.027)
Fluorescence: None
Pleochroism: Strong; green, brown, yellow
Strunz Classification: 9.BG.05a

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