Geology / History

The word Fluorite is derived from the Latin "fluo" - to flow, because the mineral is used as a flux in Iron smelting. Fluorites from certain localities exhibit a very strong fluorescence, due to impurities in the crystal.
In 1852 the phenomenon of fluorescence was named after fluorite. It also gave the name to its constitutive element fluorine. Fluorite has a wide range of colours which depend on impurities, exposure to radiation & the size of the colour centres. Colour distribution is often zonal or spotty.

Metaphysical Properties
With a high angelically tuned vibration Fluorite purifies, cleans & stabilises the aura. It casts away any attachments & emotional blockages. A highly protective crystal especially on a psychic level, also protecting against computers & electromagnetic stress.
Fluorite draws out negative energies from within turning them in the mind’s eye. This process gives the gift of perception & shows all worries to be fleeting illusions releasing them into the either for transmutation. As an energetic super expander it provides immense structure, support & strength.
As a manifestation tool Fluorite heavily anchors continuous light, giving the intent self-perpetuating Earth energy & propelling it into existence. This attribute makes it an excellent powerful tool of magic. Fluorite harnesses the wind which floats the molecules of intent to their required location.
Fluorite aids one in overcoming chaos as it brings an easy calmness & crisp clarity. With the clarity comes the enhanced ability to learn thereby increasing concentration & creative flow.
Fluorites high vibration resonates well with the crown, third eye & heart charka. Connection to the star chakra is also activated, strengthening intuitive powers & bringing understanding of the higher self’s innate abilities. Fluorite is great for assimilating past life powers & drawing in opportunities to fine tune them in the physical realm.

Crystal Healing
Powerful healer, good for teeth, cells, bones, repairs DNA, relieves pain, Shingles, nerve related pain. Heals the root cause of illness & soaks up radiation.

Group: Halides
Crystal System: Cubic, Massive
Composition: CaF2
Colour: Occurs in most colours
Form/Habit: Cubic: octahedral
Hardness: 4
Cleavage: Perfect octahedral
Fracture: Flat, conchoidal
Lustre: Vitreous
Streak: White
Specific Gravity: 3.0-3.3
Transparency: Transparent to translucent
Birefringence: None
Pleochroism: Absent
Fluorescence: Blue to violet or green
Causes of Colour: Violet, Mie scattering on calcium microcrystallites. Blue Y3+ + F vacancy +2 electrons.
"Emerald" green ("chrome fluorite"), Sm2+.
Yellowish green, colour centre containing Y3+ and Ce associated with an F vacancy.
Yellow, O3 colour centre = O2 substituting for fluorite.
Pink, YO2 colour centre (Y3 + O3-2). Colour change, Y3+ associated colour centre and Sm2+, with minor influence of a Ce3+ associated colour centre

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