Gaspeite is a very rare mineral formed of Nickel Carbonate & is named for the place it was first discovered in the Gaspé Peninsula in Québec, Canada. It is the nickel rich member of the Calcite group & forms massive to reniform papillary aggregates in fractures & botryoidal concretions in laterite or fracture infill. It is also present as stains or patinas on iron oxide boxworks of gossanous material.

Gaspeite is formed generally in arid or semi-arid environments which produce conditions amenable to concentration of calcareous or carbonate minerals in the weathering profile. The sulfide minerals which are weathered to produce Gaspeite are pentlandite, violarite, millerite & rarely nickeline. The Australian Gaspeite is considered excellent quality & is highly sort after.

Metaphysical Properties
A stone of strength & invincibility, holding great magic with infinite light. Gaspeite enhances spiritual strength increasing one’s ability to hold & channel light, it guides us through darkness into the light. Protecting from negativity it fortifies the body’s energy fields stopping attachments & energy draining. It raises the body’s vibrations initiating a purification or energy detox, this releases past hurts & old pain, clearing out energy channels to restore a functional harmony within. Gaspeite attracts those of like mind into your energy field & draws in people of higher vibrations. It teaches us how to turn harsh toxic environments into positive experiences of self-realisation, resulting in great spiritual growth.
Also a shaman stone of truth that facilitates safe otherworld travel with enhanced dream states. Gaspeite is a gateway stone that can take us on a journey to meet the self & gives the gift of inner strength with loving joy. It shows one their innate ability to reach their full potential in both the physical & spiritual plains. It unblocks mental thought bringing clarity & direction for the souls purpose to flourish. Meditating with Gaspeite induces a deep connection to Mother Earth & Father Sky opening channels of powerful healing energy. This stone helps us find pure bliss through the power of love & shows us that any reality is possible if we choose to manifest it.

Crystal Healing
Assists with organ & lymphatic function, eases motion sickness & general nausea. Great for pregnancies. Assists tissue & bone growth. Good for hair, skin & nails.

Group: Carbonate mineral anhydrous subgroup
Crystal System: Trigonal - Hexagonal Scalenohedral H-M Symbol (32/m) Space Group: R 3c
Composition: (Ni,Fe,Mg)CO3
Form/Habit: Rhombic crystal aggregates, nodular concretions (botryoidal), massive
Hardness: 4.5-5 Cleavage: Good
Fracture: Uneven Lustre: Vitreous to dull
Streak: Yellow green Specific Gravity: 3.71
Transparency: Opaque
R.I: nω = 1.830 nε = 1.610
Colour: Pale green, light grass or apple green
Birefringence: δ = 0.220
Pleochroism: Absent
Strunz Classification: 05.AB.05
Dana Classification: Calcite Group
Solubility: HCL Soluble
Other Characteristics: Weakly magnetic

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