green amethyst

Geology / History

Heating certain Amethyst will turn them green. The heat treated product is then referred to as Green Amethyst, Amegreen or Vermarine & sometimes passed off as the natural green Quartz Prasiolite. Amethyst usually turns yellow, orange or brown when heated. But some will turn green when heat treated.
This reaction is due to the formation of Iron oxides. Iron compounds with Fe3+ ions are often yellow or orange, alternately Fe2+ compounds are green. It is theorised that reducing environments not oxidizing zones lead to the formation of Amethyst that turns green once heated or to the direct natural growth of Prasiolite.
Green Amethyst & Prasiolite are often confused with the very similar in colour Praseolite which is created by heat treating Iolite.
Some Green Amethyst on the market is synthetic Quartz constructed by hydrothermal methods. Usually it is a vivid mint-green or blue-green instead of the paler golden-green of Prasiolite & heated Amethyst.

Metaphysical Properties
The crystal of Divine vision. An extremely powerful & protective stone with a high spiritual vibration & direct connection to Divine energy. Green Amethyst opens the heart & generates powerful love energy. This energy vibrates through the entire body elevating the physical resonance & dissolving emotional wounds.
This crystal forges a path for the soul to soar by burning away negative energies & blockages to success. It connects directly to the elemental energies, opening channels of communication to other realms. Psychic visions & intuition become greatly enhanced as this crystal guides you to the centre of your soul where ones true power lies.
Green Amethyst teaches one to find beauty in all things including the self, it presents us with a mirror that dissolves illusion, shifting perception & allowing us to see what we really look like as our infinite perfect beautiful selves. It resonates directly to the heart chakra then stimulate the crown & third eye charka.
Green Amethyst activates Earth records lifting Divine ancient knowledge into the physical body. It strives to open Earth energies lines to assist with human evolution & planetary healing. Held within are immense cleansing & healing energies which the crystal will impart into the physical world through the human body. Peace, love & harmony are the main goals of this crystal. This powerful guardian of Gaia is a bringer of light & valuable ally to those seeking peace.

Crystal Healing
Cleanses blood, capillaries & boosts immune system. Assists heart function, mineral absorption. Aids skin conditions, cellular disorders, increases blood flow, fine tunes metabolism & endocrine system.

Group: Quartz (Silicate-tectosilicate)
Crystal System: Trigonal
Composition: SiO2
Form/Habit: Hexagonal Prisms, Normally pyramidal terminations, sometimes prismatic
Hardness: 7 lower if impure
Cleavage: None
Fracture: Conchoidal
Lustre: Vitreous
Streak: White
Specific Gravity: 2.65
Transparency: Opaque to translucent
R.I: 1.544 to 1.553
Colour: shades of green
Causes of Colour: Purple amethyst is heat treated
Fluorescence: Inert to weak greenish blue
Birefringence: 0.009
Pleochroism: Weak green to colourless

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