How to play your Crystal Singing Bowl
While quiet easy to use & care for here are some tips to help maximise your enjoyment & maintain your bowl.
It can be helpful to gently tap the bowl with the supplied suede/rubber mallet to initiate the bowl singing.
Apply the mallet with gentle pressure to the outer edge of the crystal singing bowl, approximately 1 inch from the rim. Begin circling the outside of the crystal singing bowl while maintaining an even pressure & gentle fluid motion. If the mallet is skipping change pressure & speed. As the bowl begins to vibrate you can gently adjust the speed to change the intensity of sound & vibration.

Chakra Resonance Chart.
The below chart is a guideline for which notes correspond with each chakra. However the human body is a complex organism working with a multitude of frequencies at any given time. Crystal bowls of any note can have profound effects on all chakra energy centers.

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