Geology / History

(Norwegian Moonstone)
is named after the town of Larvik in Norway were it is found. Larvikite is a variety of Syenite/monzonite & is a relatively coarse-grained anorthoclase-rich igneous intrusive rock. Notable for the presence of handsome crystals of feldspar.
These feldspars are known as ternary because they contain significant components of all three end-member feldspars. The feldspar has partly unmixed on the micro-scale to form a perthite & the presence of the alternating alkali feldspar with plagioclase layers give its characteristic silver blue sheen on polished surfaces. Olivine can be present along with titanian augite, titanian magnetite, apatite & sometimes quartz.
Usually titanium rich, with titanaugite & titanomagnetite present. Anorthoclase constitutes 90 or more percent of this rock. Larvikite is used throughout the world as a facing stone. It is frequently found fronting the facades of buildings.
Larvikite can be used for making ornaments such as paper weights, bookends, etc. Larvikite is sometimes known informally as Blue Granite or Birds eye Granite. Norwegian Pearl granite – trade name sometimes applied to the lighter coloured variety of Larvikite. Royal blue pearl granite – trade name sometimes applied to the darker coloured variety of Larvikite.

Metaphysical Properties
A stone of Magic, stimulates metaphysical abilities & increases intuition by connecting you to your higher self. Helps to repel negative energies. Helpful for those learning new information because it allows us to understand things from a higher perspective & assimilate new experience.
Supports emotional healing & assists in seeing behind the façade that people present. It teaches patience & supports us when an ending is required. Creates new pathways for knowledge so you can open new doors.

Group: Igneous Rock, feldspar-Syenite
Rock Type: Intermediate, plutonic, igneous
Major Minerals: Potassium feldspar
Minor Minerals: Sodium plagioclase, biotite, amphibole, pyroxene, feldspathoids, mica
Hardness: 6-6.5
Lustre: Pearly
Specific Gravity: 2.59
Transparency: Transparent, Translucent, Opaque
Colour: Grey, pink, red

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