lava stone

Lava stone is technically classified as Scoria which is a dark coloured vesicular volcanic rock formed by pyroclastic ejecta & is sometimes formed within the lava flow. It is typically basaltic or andesitic in composition & most will contain glassy fragments. Scoria forms with thousands of tiny bubble like holes they are usually small & spheroidal exhibiting little distortion. These holes are called vesicles, they form when gases within the magma are forced out of the solution by rapid depressurisation & cooling, seemingly frozen in place as the rock cools & solidifies.

Scoria has a relatively low density unlike the closely related pumice it has a specific gravity greater than one which allows it to sink in water. Scoria can form mountains known as volcanic cones or Cinder cones, they are the remnants of volcanic eruptions usually forming with a crater at the summit. These can be seen at Maungarei & Te Tatua-a-Riukiuta in the north island of New Zealand. Also at Mount Quincan in Queensland, Australia, where a unique form of Scoria called Quincan is found.

The term Scoria comes from the Greek σκωρία, skōria, Meaning “rust” & It is sometimes referred to as Cinder. Due to its light weight, porous nature, high relative strength & thermal conduction properties Scoria has many industrial uses such as in drainage works, in gas barbecue grills as a heat sink, as high-temperature insulation & in lightweight concrete. Also used at oil well sites to limit mud problems from heavy truck traffic & on roads to aid traction on ice or snow.

The most famous human use of Scoria is in the creations of the Rapanui people of Easter Island who used a red coloured Scoria to carve the pukao-topknots of their Moai statues & various Moai statutes where carved entirely from the endemic red Scoria.

Sometimes referred to as Aromatherapy stones Scorias porous nature makes it an excellent carrier for essential oils or perfumes & it is often used in Aromatherapy practices in the form of jewellery.

Metaphysical Properties
The heart of the Earth, this stone holds deeply transformative powers. Lava stone helps one to create & affect positive change by releasing stagnant or blocked energies. Excellent for all forms of detoxification it restructures ones energy field to increase connective efficacy which initiates energetic expansion flushing the body’s meridians & energy channels. This releases negative energies allowing for a flood of fresh clean energy to enter the body boosting ones energetic power, fortitude & inner strength.

This very calming stone will aid in keeping a cool head & staying calm in stressful situations it teaches how to strengthen under pressure & adapt to new environments by staying mentally flexible. Lava stone balances energy slowing down overt emotional reactions & giving a chance for one to think before negatively reacting or over reacting. This balanced cool energy makes it excellent for those experiencing puberty, pregnancy or menopause & those living highly stressful lives or working in high stress jobs. It is particularly good for hot tempered or impatient people as it releases the build up of tensions or pressure, helping one to avoid explosion & ‘go with the flow’.

Lava stone is great for addictions it helps release the root cause of addiction facilitating the reprogramming of the bodies cellular structure & the reparation of DNA.

This stone has a very strong Earth & fire connection its energy can help all life grow & flourish. From plants to people it has a strong connection with all life on Earth. These elemental connections open the root chakra keeping one strongly grounded, initiating the flow of cleansing life force energy & igniting the Kundalini fire within.

Aromatherapy: the Lava stone will absorb oils & perfumes. Create your own divine smelling jewellery. Essential oils can be greatly beneficial, when it comes to choosing your oils we recommend seeking the advise of a qualified Aromatherapist.   
Crystal Healing
Addictions, muscular issues, skin damage, burns, scaring, lung & heart function, oxygen & mineral absorption.
Group: Volcanic rock – Igneous Rock
Composition: Basaltic & Andesitic with glassy fragments
Formation: Pyroclastic flow or ejecta
Form: Lapilli (2-64mm) or blocks (>64mm)
Lustre: Vitreous
Specific Gravity: 1-2
Transparency: Opaque
Colour: Black, Brown, Red, Blue, Dark Grey.

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