Geology / History
Menalite is a calcium rich material that occurs naturally. Formed in Quaternary deposits left in lakes by receding glaciers. They can be White, off white to cream, pale beige/brown or pale grey in colour. It forms unusual smooth & rounded irregular shapes.
Menalites are also called fairy stones. Native American Indians have called them fairy stones for hundreds of years. They often carried them as lucky charms. In legend these special stones assure protection against bad spirits.

Metaphysical Properties
A creation & manifestation stone enhances divination, forecasting & boosting intuition. Creates a deep connection to the wise feminine & goddess energy. Removes fear & instills an understanding in the spiral of life. Excellent for times of transformation as they help to manifest the new self & release the old.
Meditate with Menalite to remember your soul. A shamanic stone which has been utilized through ancient times to journey to other realms & carry out metaphysical rituals. Provides strong Earth link. This stone connects to the power allies its shape mimics. Hold one to call on your power/totem animals before meditation & rituals.
Menalite has a lovely high vibration with great power, both warm, soft, hard & cold the perfect balance of masculine & feminine. Gives you an amazingly strong sense of center & knowing.