boji stone moqui marbles


Moqui's started to form as our Earth was being created, these stones are a type of concretion stone that are found in the Navajo Sandstone formation of Colorado & Utah USA. They consist of sandstone cemented together by Hematite (Fe2O3) & Goethite (FeOOH). The Iron forming these concretions came from the weathering breakdown of iron-bearing silicate minerals & form Iron oxide coatings on grains of sand. Basically an oxidized Iron ore, evidence suggests that microbial metabolism may have contributed to the formation of some of these concretions.
These concretions are regarded as terrestrial analogues of the hematite spherules, called alternately Martian "blueberries" or Martian spherules. Moquis come in three different varieties male, female & androgynous. Male Moqui stones can generally be identified by sharp, uneven & protruding patterns on their surface. Female Moqui stones are a more common variety, they are generally smooth all over.
Androgynous Moqui stones display some irregularity on their surfaces & are quite smooth compared to the male Moqui stones. The name Moqui is what the Spaniards called the Hopi Indians of northern Arizona whom have used the stones in healing for centuries. The term Boji is a trademark name referring to a specially charged/awakened Moqui Marble found at the base of a naturally formed pyramid mountain in the state of Kansas USA.
On rare occasions they form concentric circles of Pyrite on the outer crust, This particular variety forms only in China.
Concretions from all locations are referred to as Shaman stones.

Metaphysical Properties
Known as the Shaman stone & the philosopher stone of ancient alchemy. These wonders are best used in pairs, male & female. However a third variety embodies the properties of both & is suitable for use alone Smooth stones have feminine energy.
Stones with protrusions have masculine energy. Together they make powerful healing & creation tools. Highly protective & strengthening they activate dormant energies. Overcomes blockages & removes obstacles by dissolving limiting boundaries. They clear emotional pain & heal hurtful memories, bringing the lessons of these experiences to light. Stimulates the flow of energy in the meridian systems of the body, this helps the physical body maintain a higher vibration. Removes self doubt & Illuminates your true spiritual power. With an extraordinarily powerful Earth connection they restore the body & mind to a pure state of oneness, releasing darkness & embracing light.
Pyrite encrusted Boji's are supercharged & encompass the benefits of Pyrite as well.

Crystal Healing
Heals energy blocks, relieves pain, encourages tissue regeneration. Increases energy when low. Realign chakras, repairs holes in auric field.

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