ocean jasper

Geology / History

Ocean Jasper is also known as orbicular Jasper. It’s a variety of Jasper which contains variably-coloured orbs, spherical inclusions or zones. The trade name Ocean Jasper is used for a variety found along the intertidal shores of northeast Madagascar.
In highly silicified Rhyolite or tuff, Quartz & Feldspar crystallize in radial aggregates of needle-like crystals which provide the basis or seed for the orbicular structure seen in this kind of Jasper. The material is quite attractive when polished & is used as an ornamental stone or gemstone. A rare form of Jasper both fossil & crystal.

Metaphysical Properties
Known as the supreme nurturer & all round healer. Alleviates stress bringing peace & tranquillity with a harmonious disposition. A stone of renewal & strength it guides us to shed old energies to create space for the new to bloom. Deeply connected to Atlantis it holds ancient knowledge & wisdom within. Excellent for healers & counsellors it shows us how to connect to inner truth.
Ocean Jasper focuses & intensifies healing intention, bringing innate abilities to fruition. Helps you to love yourself & others with compassion through understanding. Gives you determination & encourages honesty to yourself. An excellent manifestation tool that provides focus & positivity.
Aids quick thinking & transforms ideas into action. Releases unresolved emotional issues alleviating mental stress. Connects you to all your lives & supports severing karmic bonds or ties. Teaches us how to walk our individual paths with courage & conviction.

Crystal Healing
Detoxifying, Supports circulation, digestive, sexual organs. Balances mineral content of the body. Reduces PMS, Inflammation & skin disorders.

Group: Quartz -Silicates-Tectosilicate
Crystal System: Hexagonal, Trigonal
Composition: SiO2
Form/Habit: Cryptocrystalline
Hardness: 6.5-7
Cleavage: None
Fracture: Conchoidal
Lustre: Vitreous
Streak: White
Specific Gravity: 2.7
Transparency: Opaque
R.I: 1.540
Colour: All, mostly spotted & striped
Birefringence: None
Pleochroism: Absent
Fluorescence: None

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