A rare member of the Beryl group, crystals are either lenticular or prismatic in habit, the lenticular variety is distinguished by the lack of prism faces. The rarest of crystals are colourless & transparent. More often they are only translucent with a grey or yellow tinge & sometimes a pale pinkish rose-red.
The appearance of this mineral is very similar to that of Quartz & large pseudomorph crystals of Quartz after Phenakite have been found at Greenwood in Maine. Geologically it occurs in high-temperature pegmatite veins & in mica-schists associated with Quartz, Tourmaline, Apatite, Feldspar, Topaz, other Beryl’s & occasionally in specific locations such as Colorado with Amazonite.
Due to a high indices of refraction faceted colourless gems bear a strong resemblance to diamonds. The British Museum showcases two spectacular clear gems weighing 34 & 43 carats.
Notable localities of this mineral have been found in the Takovaya stream, in the Urals of Russia, the Pikes Peak region in Colorado USA, Kragero in Norway, Framont near Schirmeck in Alsace.

Metaphysical Properties
The stone of light. Channels immense Divine celestial energy with a joyous vibration. Phenakite connects to all realms, all energies & all magick. Its vibration is so high, so fine & so powerful it is impervious to negative energy. It disconnects all attachments dissolving karmic bonds & transforming darkness into pure white light. Nothing can break the shield of Phenakite.
This expansive all encompassing crystal removes the notion of separation & shows how deeply connected we truly are. It shifts & removes illusions to unveil the truth. It teaches us to completely encompass our true self’s with fearless grace. Through dissolving preconceived notions & mental restrictions, I can’t becomes I have.
Removes doubt, fear, guilt, shame, blame & jealousy eradicating obstacles to enlightenment. A bringer of sheer joy this crystal opens & aligns all chakras. Phenakite shows us the art of manifesting is not a skill one needs to learn, it is a gift everyone has.
It facilitates a profound connection with the higher self, opening channels to bring forth ancient wisdom & knowledge. Offering a truly divine spiritual experience Phenakite accelerates spiritual growth & is a powerful ally to all seeking enlightenment.

Crystal Healing
Beneficial for all ailments.

Group: Phenakite group - nesosilicate
Crystal System: Trigonal
Composition: Be2SiO4
Form/Habit: Tabular, prismatic to acicular
Hardness: 7.5 - 8
Cleavage: Good - Distinct on {1120}, imperfect on {1011}
Fracture: Conchoidal
Lustre: Vitreous
Streak: White
Specific Gravity: 2.93 – 3.00
Transparency: Transparent to translucent
R.I:nω = 1.650 - 1.656 nε = 1.667 - 1.670
Colour: Colourless, yellow, pink, brown & grey
Birefringence: 0.017
Fluorescence: Pale greenish blue
Pleochroism: Definite; colourless, orange, yellow
Strunz Classification: 09.AA.05

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