Geology / History
Also referred to as Metastrengite the term Phosphosiderite is reference to its composition being that of Phosphorous & Iron. The Greek word for Iron "sideros" σίδηρος was applied for the Iron component. It is dimorphous with Strengite which has orthorhombic crystals as opposed to the monoclinic crystal structure of Metastrengite/Phosphosiderite. The two minerals commonly occur together & can be difficult to delineate.

This mineral can occur with other associate minerals such as Laueite, Barbosalite, Leucophosite, Triphylite & Turquoise. It is sometimes incorrectly labelled Purple Turquoise unfortunately this is a deceitful marketing strategy as there is no such thing as purple Turquoise. It typically forms from hydrothermally altered triphylite & is found in lithium Iron bearing zones of complex granite pegmatites. Potentially present as a rare mineral of Limonite beds & may be a component of soils, sometimes replacing bones or shells. Although it is found at many global localities such as Germany, France, Portugal, Sweden, Liberia, Brazil, Canada & multiple location across Australia & America it is only present in small quantities.

Metaphysical Properties
Stone of the Violet Phoenix, with an immense energy Phosphosiderite ignites the magic of the violet flame it opens the crown chakra allowing higher celestial vibrations to be channelled into the body, through meditation or focused intent the violet flame can be harnessed to cleanse & activate all chakras or energy systems. This burns away unwanted energy or energy attachments, blockages, emotional damage & mental angst. The process of release embodies Phoenix energy it gives rise to rejuvenation, regeneration, transformation & rebirth.

This stone is a light bearer it helps one to generate a powerful internal light & shine that light outward to affect the world with supreme good energy. It maintains a vibrant positive loving energy within the body giving no space for negative frequencies to linger. Phosphosiderite boosts the body’s bio magnetic field increasing the ability to see or sense magnetic fields. It also accelerates the growth of other spiritual senses or gifts such as intuition, psychic ability, healing ability, prophecy/vision & magical efficacy.

Phosphosiderite facilitates the downloading of ancient knowledge & wisdom it is a powerful tool of spiritual awakening. Its ability to open one to higher energies brings great connection to oneness & life source energy, this strengthened connection is a potent healing energy that can help one attune to all types of healing energies or frequencies. This makes it particularly good for all varieties of Healers, Shamans & Medicine people. It is also an excellent Earth healer helping growth & regeneration on all levels. It has a strong link to the plant & animal realm, aiding interspecies communication & unification. This gift is marvellous for plant magic & growing plants as well as animal magic & caring for wounded animals. Use it to connect with plant or forest spirits, animal spirits & guardians. It will help one establish a solid relationship with their spirit animals & absorb the wisdom teachings of these guardians.

The radiant vibration of the violet Phoenix stone is excellent for all spiritual & magical practices. It brings the gift of immense light, grand abundance & beautiful life.

Crystal Healing
Headaches, migraines, pregnancy, joint function, water retention, mineral absorption, skeletal system bone strength or reparation, releases toxins, boosts energy & combats fatigue.

Group: Phosphates
Crystal System: Monoclinic 
Composition: Fe3+(PO4)•2(H2O)
Form/Habit: Tabular to stout prismatic, radial fibrous in botryoidal or reniform crusts & masses.
Hardness: 3.5-4
Cleavage: Distinct, Good
Fracture: Irregular, uneven
Lustre: Vitreous, resinous
Streak: White
Specific Gravity: 2.74 - 2.76
Transparency: Transparent, translucent
R.I: 1.692 to 1.739
Colour: Purple to reddish violet, rose-red, peachy-pink, brownish yellow, moss-green & colourless.
Birefringence: δ = 0.046
Pleochroism: Visible in red spectrum.
Other characteristics: Soluble in Hydrochloric acid.


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