ruby fuchsite


Ruby in Fuchsite is a form of Fuchsite that has Ruby crystal inclusions. It can vary tremendously in colour, pattern & hardness. Fuchsite is a chromium-rich variety of muscovite. The chromium gives this colourful stone it’s blue-green to emerald-green hues, while the ruby inclusions provide attractive pink & red highlights. Both the red of the ruby & green of the fuchsite are due to traces of chromium. Ruby in fuchsite is sometimes confused with “Ruby in Zoisite” since both gemstones are green & interspersed with pink to purplish-red ruby.
Ruby is the red variety of corundum that is considered one of the most valuable gemstones available today. Corundums (which includes both sapphire & ruby) has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale making it the second hardest natural substance on earth. Fine precious ruby is most desirable in its transparent form. The ruby included in fuchsite is typically opaque.

Metaphysical Properties
A stone of knowledge, love & abundance, encourages passion & enthusiasm for life. Helps to retain wealth & passion. Releases anger, old wounds & past hurts allowing the soul to set free any Karmic bonds. Encourages positive thoughts by raising ones vibration & cleansing the etheric body. Stimulates Kundalini & dissolves unnecessary energy layers that are stunting spiritual growth. It stimulates the mind so that it becomes sharp with awareness & heightened concentration. Overcomes exhaustion & yet calms hyperactivity bringing peaceful balance into the physical realm. Reverses martyrdom, teaches self worth & how to allow another to learn their own lessons while you support & love. Overcomes co-dependency & emotional blackmail giving one strength to choose their own path. Ruby in Fuchsite teaches us how to reach our full potential. Gives great strength after trauma & stops emotional damage from holding in the energetic body. It Amplifies all other crystals & radiates love in all direction. As a powerful heart energiser it gives an enormous strength to the heart chakra & is excellent for healing all emotional wounds. Ruby in Fuchsite connects male & female energies unifying all forces of creation, gifting its humans friends with great manifestation ability. A stone of divine power & guidance it is a fantastic ally on any souls journey.

Crystal Healing
Ruby in Fuchsite has the healing properties that are a combination of both Ruby and Fuchsite gemstones. Centres in to the lowest point of energy & rebalances. Releases blockages. Balances red & white blood cell ratio. Good for RSI. Detoxifies the body, blood, lymph & treats fevers. Good for heart & circulation. Stimulates adrenals, kidneys & spleen.

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