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Rudraksha Seed

The Rudraksha seed is a seed from the Rudraksha tree. It is believed that Shiva (a popular Hindu deity) cried tears of compassion for humanity & his tears became the Rudraksha seeds. They are sacred holy seeds & have been worn by Sages & Yogis since vedic times (which has existed in northern India since approx.1750 to 500 BCE).
The Rudraksha seed is also known as the “Divine Seed” and the “Eye Of Shiva”

Metaphysical Properties
The seeds have spiritual & powerful healing properties. According to the ancient texts the seeds are endowed with cosmic powers to guide & assist the soul on its path of ascension. Meditating with this seed or wearing against the skin, it is believed to increase concentration, giving clarity & peace of mind. Improves memory, relieves stress & anxiety.
Slows aging process, increase stamina, reduce blood pressure, strengthen heart, balance nervous system. Also believed to bestow divine protection, increase balance & prosperity.