Septarian concretions & nodules contain angular cavities or cracks, which are called "septaria". The word is derived from the Latin septum meaning partition. The term refers to the cracks & separations in this kind of rock. Cracks are highly variable in shape & volume.
Although it has commonly been assumed that concretions grew incrementally from the inside outwards. Internally cracks are radially orientated toward the outer shell, this shows the outer shell was stiffer & the inside softer. This is thought to be due to a gradient in the amount of cement precipitated.
There is no known definitive formation process of Septarian. There are however a number of mechanisms required to create the crystal specimens. Firstly the dehydration of clay-rich, gel-rich or organic-rich cores resulting in Bentonite (fossilised clay). Shrinkage of the concretion's centre must occur then expansion of gases produced by the decay of organic matter. Then crystalline growth followed by increased heat.
Septarian usually contain crystals precipitated from circulating solutions usually of Aragonite & Calcite. Siderite or Pyrite coatings are also occasionally observed on the wall of the cavities present in Septarian, this creates bright reddish & golden colours. Some Septarian contain small calcite stalactites & well-shaped millimetric Pyrite single crystals.
Moeraki Boulders are a spectacular example of Septarian concretions, found in New Zealand as large as 3 meters (9 ft) in diameter. These concretions are found eroding out of Paleocene mudstone of formation exposed along the coast near Moeraki, South Island, New Zealand. They mostly contain Calcite-cemented mud, veins of calcite, rare late-stage quartz & ferrous dolomite.

Metaphysical Meaning
Septarian opens the crown with golden light & aids psychic vision. Connects to the power of trinity, increasing vibration, bringing joy & abundance. Meditate with Septarian to view past lives & times so far back, we were pure energy. In the space of our energy source we see all the power within our being, this crystal shows us our infinite potential.
Promotes creativity & connections to all life, on every level through all dimensions. An excellent manifestation stone Septarian helps to incubate & launch ideas, bringing dreams into reality. It bring us motivated knowing of how to achieve & which steps to take at what time.
A support crystal for nurturing / caring for the self, others & the Earth. Strongly connected to Devic energy this is a powerful Earth & animal healer (including humans). Transforms all energy into Divine light powered for the greater good. This crystal stimulates all chakras, connecting the bodies energy field to Earth & sky energies, then drawing that vibration into the physical realm.

Crystal Healing
Reduces stress, Muscle spasm, intestine conditions. Boosts metabolism, immune system & calcium absorption dissolving calcification.

Group: Fossil Sedimentary, Marine Rock –Nodules & concretions
Crystal System: Differs for each mineral not all minerals are within each specimen. Commonly: Calcite, Bentonite, Aragonite. Occasionally: Siderite, Quartz, Pyrite.
Colour: Cream to brown 
Fossils: Vertebrates, invertebrates & plants
Minerals: Silica, Calcium carbonate

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