Shattuckite is a brightly coloured copper silicate mineral, found in very few locations it is considered difficult to obtain & quite rare. First discovered in 1915 in the Shattuck copper mine of Bisbee, Arizona, USA, the mineral was aptly named in honour of its original discovery location. Shattuckite forms in an unusual way, this secondary alteration product requires other existing copper minerals to form. It usually presents in a granular massive form & as fibrous acicular crystals. It can often be found psuedomorphing after malachite, such specimens can exhibit brilliant green & blue contrasts. This mineral also has the potential to be found included in Quartz crystal, when this occurs the physical characteristics such as hardness & specific gravity are generally altered.

To the untrained eye Shattuckite is difficult to identify & is often incorrectly named or confused with other minerals such as Chrysocolla, Turquoise & Azurite. The closest related copper mineral & most difficult to correctly identify is Plancheite, up until recently the two where thought to be the same mineral, a noted delineation now exists.

Gemstone quality cabochons are a vivid blue & highly sort after in jewellery. Due to its rarity the crystal is seldom seen on the market & often faked. Generally specimens are only available from specialty stores.

Metaphysical Properties
The Stone of doorways & portals. A super high vibration crystal, this stone rapidly connects to other realms & worlds, opening communication through the veils. Shattuckite can be used to open energy portals & relocate or synchronise energy frequencies. It opens the third eye & throat chakras with great efficacy. It gives deep insight into the true nature of ones self & existence, highlighting the soul’s purpose & infinite potential.

Shattuckite is fast moving it accelerates energy movement clearing trapped or stagnant energies & prevents build up of energy in any one area, making it decidedly good at relieving anxiety or stress. Excellent for releasing long held traumas & emotional wounds as its vibrational resonance lifts & Pushes trauma out of the body. Shattuckite prepares us for transition, releases the story attached to residual trauma, helps to absorb the experiential lessons & allows one to mentally let go. Shattuckite guides one through the most difficult stage of transition, being the final stage where the old energies must truly be cast off, this is the point where fears are faced, where darkness becomes light. Shattuckite supports & nurtures through the heaviest & darkest times. It teaches to embrace the darkness & reminds us that it is always darkest before the dawn. This process creates space for fresh new insight & new energy to thrive, allowing one to truly blossom into their purely divine self.

 Shattuckite strengthens the body’s energetic field enhancing cellular connectivity, yet protects from energetic & psychic attack. It is a great ally to healers, psychics & those of magical persuasion as it prevents entity or energy attachments while healing or conducting ritual work & spells. A particularly strong Shaman stone used to travel the great void. Also great for sensitive people or empath’s as it opens the flow of energy & has an incredibly strong Earth anchor. It allows you to feel & connect without completely absorbing the pain of others, it then moves pain energy out of the body quickly.

On a practical level it helps to complete all types of worldly tasks & is excellent for study or demanding projects as it quickens the mind, structures thought & helps project or assignment completion.

Crystal Healing
Throat, cold’s & flu’s, tonsils, nasal & lung congestion, allergies, ulcers, degenerative disorders & PTSD, Balances the bodies endocrine system. 

Group: Silicates-Inosilicate
Crystal System: Orthorhombic, Crystals slender prismatic; massive, granular; fibrous.
Composition: Cu5(SiO3)4(OH)2
Form/Habit: Commonly spherulitic aggregates of acicular crystals
Hardness: 3.5
Cleavage: Good in two directions, Perfect on {010} {100}
Fracture: Uneven to splintery
Lustre: Dull to silky
RI: 1.752-1.815
Birefringence: 0.063
Streak: Blue
Specific Gravity: 3.8-4.11
Transparency: Translucent to opaque
Colour: Dark and light blue, turquoise
Strunz Classification: 9.DB.40
Dana Classification:
Pleochrosim: X = very pale blue; Y = pale blue; Z = deep blue

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