sibian pumice bian stone


Bian stones were generated during the Cretaceous period when meteorite’s impacted the earth. Healing stone therapy is the most ancient form of medical treatment & health care in China, even pre-dating acupuncture. It has been used at Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) hospitals for many years.
The Bian-stone is an ancient tool, classified as the first technique of the five major ancient medical practices. It plays an important role in Chinese medicine. Test results show that a strong field of energy exists in the Bian stone called infrared remote sensing.
How does it work? Chemical analysis shows that there are more than thirty trace elements within the stones such as Sr, Ti, Cr, Mn, Zn, Ca, Fe, P, K, & Na - elements which are beneficial & necessary for healthy human beings. When rubbed against the body, the stone gives out ultrasonic impulses, with measurements that are far in excess of other tested materials.
The stone dredges the human body's channels, improves the body's microcirculation, eliminates heat & poisons in human body & removes unnecessary fats. Bian stone’s work on the blood circulation, making it run faster. This is purifying the blood & the blood vessels. By so doing, insure good oxygen & nutrition supply to various body organs.

Metaphysical Properties
A massive energy generator that purifies & stimulates an intense energy. Bian protects the aura & aligns all chakras purging the ethereal body of any negative attachments. This stone activates Kundalini & integrates elemental power. Through the harnessing of Earth, air, fire & water Bian stone helps to power the body, mind & soul.
It brings forth ancient healing knowledge & opens channels of divine guidance boosting intuition. Bian enhances mental focus & clarity boosting brain function. It creates a harmonious disposition & a positive outlook. Excellent for both grounding & connecting to higher realms.

Crystal Healing
All physical ailments

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