Crystal Singing Bowls are a beautiful & delicate instrument. With proper care & correct maintenance they can remain beautifully radiant for a lifetime. Always handle your bowl with extreme care especially when carrying or transporting. It is essential that only suitable strikers, mallets & rubber rings are used.

Just like a Crystal if the Crystal Singing bowl is dropped or knocked it may break. Please take heed of the following cautions.

*When moving bowls: Do not pick up from one side only, doing so may result in your bowl cracking.

*Pick up & hold bowl from both sides of rim (with two hands) or from base. Be sure to have its weight fully supported.

*Do not rest items on or inside the Crystal Singing bowl.

*When using your Crystal singing bowl be sure the bowl is on an even flat surface with appropriate room to play. When using multiple bowls it is best to have at least 1.5 foot apart.

*Striking the top rim of a Crystal singing bowl may result in cracking & we advise against this action.

Bowls can become stained through general usage. Both suede & rubber mallets will shed fibres or particles while playing. These particles can lodge into the exterior of frosted bowls, overtime this may affect the bowls sound & vibration.

Routine cleaning of your bowls keeps them free of dust & debris accumulated through storage & use. With regular cleaning bowls often become brighter sounding. We recommend cleaning with demineralised water & mild dishwashing soap.

Use a soft hand cloth (microfiber cloths will stick to frosted bowls) or soft bristle brush (a soft toothbrush is ideal) to do any kind of cleaning. Do not use steel wool/metal, as it will scratch or damage the bowl. Frosted bowls with stains may benefit from a light steam cleaning. A small handheld steam cleaner can be used for this application (please be gentle).

No matter what you use, always rinse your bowl with clean preferably demineralised water. Bowls can be dried using a hair dryer (on low heat), wiping with towel or let air dry while it sits upside down on a towel.

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