Smithsonite is a zinc carbonate mineral sometimes referred to as zinc spar. Upon original categorisation , Smithsonite & Hemimorphite where considered the same mineral & classed under the same name Calamine. In the early 19th century the differences where discovered, the main difference being Hemimorphite is a sorosilicate & not a carbonate mineral. In 1832 Smithsonite was given an individual mineral name by François Sulpice Beudant in honor of English chemist & mineralogist James Smithson (c.1765–1829), who was founder of the Smithsonian Institution & first identified the mineral in 1802.

Until the 1880’s it was the principal ore of zinc, it was then replaced by Sphalerite. It is believed to have been used in ancient metallurgy as the Zinc component for Brass. Rarely found in well formed crystals as it most often occurs in botryoidal mass Smithsonite primarily occurs as a secondary mineral in weathering & oxidation zones of zinc-bearing ore, particularly in limestones which provide the carbonate. It is also found as replacement bodies in carbonate rocks & commonly with associate minerals such as Hemimorphite, Willemite, Cerussite, Malachite, Azurite & Anglesite. Smithsonite forms two limited solid solution series, with a substitution of iron creating Siderite & manganese substitution creating Rhodochrosite.

The varying colours in Smithsonite are created by inclusions of trace elements; green to blue from Copper, pink to purple from Cobalt, yellow from Cadmium & brown to reddish from Iron.

Metaphysical Properties
The truth speaker stone, Smithsonite helps one to speak their truth it opens the heart, throat & third eye chakras clearing trapped or stagnant energy. It releases & repairs damage from self oppression or feelings of unworthiness, this empowers one to stand up for themselves & assert boundaries in positive productive ways. Releasing the throat energy is a vital step to embracing the self as it helps one to vocalise how they feel & what they truly need without fear of rejection or judgment. It will also help one to develop an inner knowing of the proper timing for how & when to deliver their truths. This crystal helps clear out the old & embrace the new.

Smithsonite protects from abrasive & negative energy helping to maintain a clean, clear aura & energy field. It greatly increases spiritual or energetic awareness & strengthens the connection to ones higher self. Smithsonite is excellent for identifying & quieting the ego, it helps to highlight the difference between pure/soul thought & an ego response. One of its greatest gifts is shifting the perception of what is seen as mistakes, these are indeed not so, Smithsonite shows us that a perceived mistake is in fact just an experience with a lesson yet to be learned. The wisdom of this crystal will help illuminate the lessons & grow from the experiences. It will also guide one through the process of breaking repeating patterns/experiences teaching the ability to recognise when a pattern is reoccurring & why. It silences the ego giving the soul & higher self space to learn the lessons, change the outcome & raise ones vibration out of the reoccurring cycle. Smithsonite will help draw in & resolve key life/soul lessons to accelerate spiritual growth. It brings the gift of strength & courage supporting one through the process of spiritual awakening.

Smithsonite’s ability to remove the energetic noise from the mind & quiet negative thinking helps maintain clarity & improves cognitive function this increases the ability to absorb new information. The increased mental space & awareness that it brings is particularly helpful to those studying or learning as it amplifies the minds ability to retain & understand alternative or complex subjects & concepts.

Smithsonite has a strong connection to water energies including the spirits within, it can be used to commune with the water spirits & call in the rains or push them away. It is excellent for clearing the energy of tainted water & helping to restore waterways for life to flourish. This connection is great for internally washing away emotional turmoil & cleansing the body of anger, stress or high heat energies.

Crystal Healing
Learning issues, Bone density, Teeth, Skeletal health, cartilage damage, immune system, heart function, digestion, fertility, eczema & burns.  

Group: Carbonate Mineral
Crystal System: Trigonal
Composition: ZnCO3
Form/Habit: Rhombohedral, scalenohedral crystals, typically botryoidal, reniform, honeycomb aggregates, spherular or stalactitic, compact massive
Hardness: 4.5
Cleavage: Perfect on [1011]
Fracture: Uneven, sub-conchoidal
Lustre: Vitreous, may be pearly
Streak: White,
Specific Gravity: 4.4 - 4.5
Transparency: Translucent
Colour: White, grey, yellow, green to apple-green, blue, pink, purple, bluish grey & brown
Pleochroism: None
Fluorescence: May fluoresce pale green or pale blue under UV
δ = 0.223 - 0.227
Refractive Index: nω = 1.842 - 1.850 nε = 1.619 - 1.623
Strunz Classification: 5.AB.05
Other Characteristics: Soluble in hydrochloric acid