Sometimes referred to as Antimonite & is the most important source of the metalloid Antimony. The name is derived from the Greek stibi through the Latin stibium. This was the old name for the mineral & the element Antimony. Stibnite occurs in hydrothermal deposits & is associated with many other minerals Small deposits of stibnite are common & large deposits are rare.
A paste of Stibnite powder in fat & other materials, was used as far back as 3100 BC since protodynastic ancient Egypt as a medication & a cosmetic. This paste was known as Kohl & has been used my many cultures predominantly as eye makeup.
Other uses where in the pyrotechnic industries, namely in the glitter & fountain mixtures. The Needle-like crystals or "Chinese Needle", are used in glitter compositions & white pyrotechnic stars. The "Dark Pyro" version is used in flash powders to increase their sharpness & sensitivity. It is also a component of modern day safety matches.
The prophet Muhammad said: “it clears the vision & makes the hair sprout.” The 17th century alchemist Eirenaeus Philalethes, also known as George Starkey, used Stibnite as a precursor to philosophical mercury, which was itself a hypothetical precursor to the Philosophers Stone.
Stibnite is considered a toxic mineral & samples should be handled with great caution to avoid poisoning. Hand washing is advisable after any contact. Inhaling dust & ingestion are best to avoid.

Metaphysical Properties
A crystal of change, growth, attraction & transformation. The most important lesson Stibnite imparts is how to conquer fear. Stibnite can effect profound change on all levels. This energy is grounding, expansive & cleansing. Stibnite provides excellent protection with stability & helps one to blend or be the chameleon in all worlds.
An excellent anchor for grounding high vibrational energies into the physical plane & affecting positive change with these energies. A powerful healer which shields one from energetic attachment & acts as an energy generator. Stibnite is a great ally when manifesting abundance & prosperity as it gives great strength to push through barriers, releasing blockages.
Stibnite fortifies the auric field providing both energetic & emotional protection. It opens & maintains connection with spirit which increases intuitive abilities. Helps to create & maintain personal boundaries, instilling great self-respect.

Crystal Healing
Bone density issues & skeletal disorders. Infection & fever. Digestive system disorders. Muscular stiffness & atrophy.

Group: Sulfide Mineral
Crystal System: Orthorhombic
Form/Habit: Massive, radiating and elongated crystals. Massive and granular
Hardness: 2
Cleavage: Perfect and easy on {010}; imperfect on {100} and {110}
Fracture: Subconchoidal
Lustre: Splendent on fresh crystals surfaces, otherwise metallic
Streak: Similar to colour
Specific Gravity:4.63
Transparency: Opaque
Colour: Lead-grey, tarnishing blackish or iridescent; in polished section, white
Strunz Classification: 02.DB.05a
Dana Classification:

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