Geology / History

Stilbite is the name of a series of tectosilicate minerals of the Zeolite group. Prior to 1997 stilbite was recognized as a mineral species. Reclassification in 1997 by the International Mineralogical Association changed it to a series name. The mineral species being named Stilbite-Ca & Stilbite-Na.
Stilbite-Ca, by far the more common of the two, is a hydrous calcium sodium & aluminium silicate, NaCa4(Si27Al9)O72·28(H2O). In the case of stilbite-Na sodium dominates over calcium. The species are visually indistinguishable & the series name Stilbite is still used whenever testing has not been performed.
Stilbite is abundant in the volcanic rocks globally & commonly grows with Apophyllite, Prehnite, Heulandite & Barite. The main locality for stilbite-Ca is generally considered to be Iceland. It is presumed to be the Helgusta Iceland Spar Mine along Reydarfjordur. Excellent white bow ties of Stilbite are found here on calcite & Quartz associated with Heulandite & Laumontite in cavities.
The Tertiary Deccan basalts of western India are the most prolific sources of Stilbite in the world. Stilbite is the most abundant Zeolite in the tholeiitic basalt plateaux near Nasik& Pune. Deposits decreas in abundance toward the coast at Mumbai.

Metaphysical Properties
Greek for shine, this crystal does exactly that & lets you shine. It strips away the layers of self protection, allowing you to fly free in your souls true happiness. Powerful manifestation tool, holds the creation power of the goddess Isis. This crystal represents the flower of life & all creation. Connect with Stilbite to bring your dreams into the reality.
Removes obstacles & self destructive tendencies. Opens & strengthens intuition. Carries a loving & supportive vibration. Perfect tool for all metaphysical work. Gives one the ability to see the reasons for life’s connections & lessons. Rapidly accelerates spiritual growth. Contains soul information.

Group: Zeolite 
Crystal System: Monoclinic 2/m, also triclinic and orthorhombic
Composition: NaCa4(Si27Al9)
Form/Habit: Thin tabular, aggregates sheaf-like or in bow-ties, also fibrous and globular.
Hardness: 3.5-4
Cleavage: Perfect
Fracture: Conchoidal or uneven
Lustre: Vitreous, pearly
Streak: White
Specific Gravity: 2.12 to 2.22
Transparency: Transparent to translucent
R.I: 1.479 - 1.5051.479- 1.505
Colour: Usually colourless or white, also yellow, brown, pink, salmon, orange, red, green, blue or black.

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