tiffany stone

Tiffany Stone is rare beryllium ore, it’s main constituents are Fluorite & Opal with varying amounts of Calcite, Dolomite, Quartz, Chalcedony, Bertrandite & potentially other minerals. This Mio-Pliocene volcanic rock forms in fine grained nodules of carbonate clasts that have been largely replaced by massive fluorite & mineralised beryllium. It is considered to be a variety of Fluorite. This rare material is mined at one location only, at Spor Mountain, Juab county, Utah, USA.

The term Tiffany stone is a trade name for this specific variety of opalised Fluorite. Often incorrectly referred to as Bertrandite although it contains Bertrandite it is in a very small percentage of approximately 1-2%. It has been attributed other names such as Opalised Fluorite, Purple Opal, Bertrandite, Ice cream Opal & Ice Cream stone. The name origin of this stone is masked in ambiguity some say it was named after Tiffany & Co, folk lore says it was named after the mine owner’s daughter & other sources say it was named after a Tiffany Harris of Utah. There is no supportive & definitive evidence to point to any of the theories.

Although classified as a rock, its unique collusion of colours, beautiful swirling patterns & rarity have made it highly sort after for jewellery & decorative purposes.

Metaphysical Properties
A beacon of light. Shamans, Healers, Alchemists & in particular Spiritual Warriors will be attracted to this stone. It accelerates the powers of the wearer awakening ones dormant abilities, psychic abilities, intuition & enhances all of the physical senses. Highly recommended for those whom ‘channel’ information/energy it is excellent for scrying & diving the future.

Tiffany stone has an almost instant connection to the higher self & massively expands the body’s auric field. This immense expansion allows one to hugely affect the physical realm & manifest with great ease. This energy stream can be easily directed & focused to achieve all manner of goals, either worldly or otherwise. Although it is a very high vibing crystal it is extremely well anchored in this physical realm. It provides structure to energetic transmitions & in day to day life, making it a great support for people with busy lives. It brings clarity, grace & ease to all situations.  

This super high vibration stone resonates with the Heart, Throat, Third eye & Crown chakras. It has an intense light pillar that opens the Star link to celestial planes & the gateway to the Gods. Use to converse with non/meta physical beings & navigate ones way through the ether. Those of outer world origin will find this stone very useful in connecting to their home energies. It can also be used to open energy portals & help unwanted/lost energies to return home or move on. Particularly good for spectral eradication & clearing out dark energies/entities as it has an unbreakable high frequency.

Tiffany stone makes an excellent talisman & ally through all types of energy healing or spell work. Use for dimensional travel, it catapults one to different planes of existence & parallel universes. Great for meditation it facilitates out of body experiences & astral travel, lucid dreaming, past life recall & soul origin recall. It is highly protective & wards of negative energy. It can be used to break spells or curses & banish the evil eye.

Tiffany stone is also great for those who are lost or spiritually wandering as it’s connection to the higher self allows one to ‘see’ removing the illusion of inability/separation & teaches one they are an infinite spiritual & universal being with divine purpose. It highlights the best direction to achieve ones soul purpose & removes blocks to achieving this goal.

Crystal Healing
Aids mouth & teeth issues, ulcers, scar tissue, headaches, neck issues, brain function, eyes, dissolution of parasite, calcium deposits & over accumulation of heavy metals.

Group: Metamorphic Rock
Composition: CaF
Form/Habit: Fine grained
Hardness: 4-5.5 (depending on silicate content)
Cleavage: Perfect  (not usually visible due to fine grained structure)
Fracture: Irregular/Uneven, Sub-Conchoidal
Lustre: Sub-Vitreous, Resinous, Waxy, Greasy
Streak: White
Transparency: Translucent, Opaque
Colour:  Purple, blue, whitish, brown, yellow

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