tiger iron

Tiger Iron sometimes referred to as Tiger Eye-Matrix is technically classified as a rock, it is a banded Iron stone rock comprising of Tiger Eye, Hematite & Red Jasper. The Banded Iron formation is a sedimentary sequence of chemically precipitated sediment that formed over 1.7 billion years ago. They are highly metamorphosed & consist of 15% or more Iron of sedimentary origin with layers of various silica minerals such as Chert, Chalcedony, Jasper or Quartz. The Banded Iron formation occurred through the accumulation of shallow sea sediments followed by heated water from volcanic activity which was responsible for the dissolution of silica, leaving behind massive iron ore deposits. The banding and various colours are created by different Iron variants & the reintroduction of silica. The wave like patterns present in Tiger Iron are due to the folding & distortion of the various sedimentary layers caused by Earth movements over billions of years.

Tiger Iron is primarily used as a popular ornamental stone, utilised in a variety of applications, such as beads or cabochons for jewellery, carvings, knife hilts & various ornamental objects.

The finest specimens of Tiger Iron are found in the far west Pilbara region of Australia.

Metaphysical Properties
The Iron Warrior stone. Strength, strength & more strength. Tiger Iron is the epitome of herculean crystalline strength it holds immense power helping to fortify or empower mind, body & soul energies. Tiger Iron is not completely male or female energy it holds an androgynous quality making it well balanced & accessible to all. It helps to counteract energetic imbalance, providing a centred balanced energy.

It is said to be the ultimate protection amulet that imbues the wearer with the spirit of a thousand fearless warriors’. Tiger Iron helps one eradicate fear & obstacles, it strengthens the ability to create & enforce healthy personal boundaries. It wards off ill wishes & enemy attacks while attracting positive & like minded people. Its magnetic energy assists one in unleashing their full potential & manifesting great dreams or goals; legend says it is particularly good for attracting wealth & prosperity. It helps one to visualise goals & stay focused on achieving them to bring them to fruition.

Tiger Iron quiets mental chatter, silencing self doubt or negative self talk; it instils self belief & self confidence. This stone is extremely grounding it holds a deep Earth connection helping one keep their feet firmly planted. It opens the lower three chakras & cleanses the body of unwanted negative energy, it also helps regenerate the bodies energy field bringing cohesion & strengthening the auric field. An excellent memory stone it helps one to retain & recall information.

With direction Tiger Iron can magically draw strength & power from all realms bringing the gift of virtual invincibility. This attribute makes it an excellent ally when partaking in ritual or any other types of magick. Used in meditation Tiger Iron can aid ancestral connection helping one astral travel through the passages of time.      

Crystal Healing
Aids detoxification, blood purification, Iron deficiencies, mineral absorption issues, muscle cramping, ticks or twitches, lethargy, tiredness or exhaustion, stomach & digestion issues, menstruation & puberty. 

Group: Sedimentary Rock
Composition: SiO2 with Fe2O3
Form/Habit: Banded
Hardness:  5-7
Specific Gravity:  2.64 - 2.71
Transparency: Opaque
R.I: 1.544 - 3.22
Colour: Golden yellow, brick red & metallic grey

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