Unakite is is often labelled as a Jasper, this is an incorrect classification. It is actually a Metasomatic rock. This coarse grained granitic rock is formed through hydrothermal metamorphism of granites. The process sees the Plagioclase in granite replaced by Epidote this creates a Metasomatic rock comprised mainly of Epidote, Quartz & pink Orthoclase. It is possible for Unakite to also contain trace amounts of Chromite, Ilmenite, Apatite, Zircon, Magnetite & potentially other minerals depending on the specific host granite & environmental factors.

Due to the beauty & vivid unique colouring of Unakite it is considered to be a semi-precious stone that is frequently used in jewellery & ornamental carvings. On occasion it has been utilised as an architecturally decorative stone, most famously gilding the front steps & tiled south landing of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. USA

Unakite’s name is a direct correlation to the first noted discovery location in the Unaka mountain range of western North Carolina & eastern Tennessee, USA.

Metaphysical Properties
An excellent stone for letting go it washes away trauma, pain & worry instilling the feeling of peaceful relief ‘all is right with the world’. The energy of Unakite has a powerful resonance with the Heart chakra, it unblocks & expands the heart initiating waves of energetic release. It has the power to shed years of trauma in a short space of time. During this process it is supportive, gentle & nurturing as it strips & dissolves unnecessary trapped negative energies from the body. Unakite nullifies the need for blame, shame, guilt or fear as it brings in love, oneness & understanding of all life’s lessons & experiences.

Unakite brakes down self imposed protective walls propelling one into the act of surrender & release. This supported vulnerability take’s one to a place of immense gratitude & unveils the self’s true potential through the process of self healing. Its pulsating spiral like energy cleans & repairs broken DNA to restore balance to the body.  

 Unakite centres the mind & focuses energy streams through the body releasing stagnant energy, activating the bodies Kundalini & igniting ones inner fire. Unakite is an excellent Reiki stone that super charges the hand chakras & activates dormant healing or magical powers. It enhances intuition & psychic abilities, giving a fiercely strengthened unwavering connection between source & self.

This alchemy stone connects to all elements & helps one to remember lost magic & hereditary magical abilities, it reinstates the magical memory. For those practicing the craft it is a powerful ally that realigns the energy & knowledge of ones lineage. Great for all types of fertility it’s manifestation prowess is immense & endless as it teaches practical magic through elemental unity. A speaker to all realms Unakite acts as a key to universal secrets, teaching how to shape shift through worlds, how to blend the light & the dark & how to build balance through yin & yang. The divine feminine & divine masculine are united here in the seed of creation.  

Crystal Healing
Helps with Fertility, psychological & identity issues, heart, spine, teeth, feet, overactive mind, anxiety, stress.

Group: Metamorphic rock - Metasomatic rock - Silicate bearing

  • Epidote: {Ca2}{Al2Fe3+} - repeating unit - [O|OH|SiO4|Si2O7] - Sorosilicate
  • Orthoclase: KAlSi3O8- Tectosilicate
  • Quartz: SiO2 – Tectosilicate

Form/Habit: Massive granular rock containing well formed orthoclase crystals.
Hardness: 6-7
Transparency: Opaque
Colour: Green & pink

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