This Lead Molybdate mineral was first described in 1845 for an occurrence in Austria. Wulfenite was named after Franz Xavier von Wulfen an Austrian Mineralogist
Most often found as thin pyramidal or tabular crystals with a bright orange-red to yellow-orange colour, the colour can be highly variable. It also occurs as earthy, granular masses & is found in many localities. A secondary mineral of lead ore associated with the oxidized zone of hydrothermal lead deposits. Also a secondary ore of Molybdenum.
Wulfenite occurs with Cerussite, Smithsonite, Vanadinite, Angelsite, Pyromorphite, Hemimorphite, Plattnerite, Descloizite, Mimetite & various Iron & Manganese oxides.
Different localities of Wulfenite can be identified by strong colour variation. The Wulfenite crystals of Red Cloud Mine in Arizona are usually well formed & deep red in colour. While the Los Lamentos locality in Mexico have thick tabular orange crystals.

Metaphysical Properties
Wulfenite is a truth & beauty stone that brings the shadow self into light, uncovering what has been suppressed including pain & fear. This leads to realisation of how to accept & embrace the darkness to move forward into pure loving light of true creation. True eternal beauty is seen within, regardless of self-perception or external judgment.
Wulfenite is an excellent shaman stone of self-realisation. It teaches the cycles of life & shows there are no failures in life only infinite opportunities to create. Assists all manifesting by instilling balance, releasing fear & expanding the energy field. Wulfenite resonates with a powerful golden heart energy & is an excellent healer on all levels of consciousness.

Crystal Healing
Assists with reducing toxicity & stress, balancing hormones, boosting circulation. Reduce fatigue & a sluggish mind.

Group: Molybdate mineral
Crystal System: Tetragonal
Form/Habit: Thin tabular to pyramidal
Hardness: 2.75-3
Cleavage: On {011}, distinct; on {001}, {013}, indistinct
Fracture: Irregular to sub-conchoidal
Lustre: Adamantine, resinous
Streak: White
Specific Gravity:6.5-7.0
Transparency: Transparent to opaque
R.I:nω = 2.405 nε = 2.283
Colour: Orange-yellow, yellow, honey-yellow, reddish-orange, rarely colourless, grey, brown, olive-green and even black
Birefringence:δ = 0.122
Fluorescence: None
Pleochroism: Weak; orange and yellow
Strunz Classification: 07.GA.05
Specimens may be piezoelectric

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