zebra stone

The term Zebra Stone refers to a variety of siltstone, sedimentary rock, the name is attributed for its Zebra like pattern. This unique rock is found at several sites in the Ranford formation south of Kununurra, near Lake Argyle of Western Australia, it is also referred to as Zebra Rock. Ribbon stone, Okapi stone, Primordial stone, Rainbow stone & Astronomite are also marketing terms for siltstones found in the same area although of the same composition they exhibit different patterns to Zebra Stone.

Zebra Stone formed during the late Precambrian approximately 670 million years ago. It is primarily composed fine grained Quartz & Sericite a fine grained white Mica with minor Alunite, Kaolinite & Dickite with colouring caused by the presence of Limonite & Hematite. The Hematite & Limonite are finely disseminated through the rock, darker parts are due to Hematite which appears to grade gradually into the lighter sections. The Limonite component is present in the lighter parts of the rock.

The patterning & colour banding of Zebra Stone is not completely understood, the leading hypothesis was that it occurred by the rhythmic precipitation of iron oxide rich bands during the alteration of the rock by percolating fluids.However a recent study has shown patterns where most likely formed due to ferronematics; the suspensions of magnetic colloidal particles in a nematic liquid crystal (NLC). The magnetic properties of different Iron atoms create the segregation of colours & banding patterns upon solidification.

 Zebra Stone is relatively easy to cut & polish, it is largely used as an ornamental stone for carvings & jewellery. As it is found in large seam deposits it can be used to create large items such as vases, bowls & sculptures.   

Metaphysical Properties
Stone of being, Zebra Stone helps one to stay grounded & be in the present moment. It opens the Earth connection & lower three chakras releasing negative energies & grounding them into the Earth. The Earth conduit also energises the body with clean pure energy. It balances yin & yang energy helping one release illusions or obstacles to deep soul connection & find their true soul essence. This stone invokes strength both masculine & feminine, it removes toxic energy associated with the imbalance of these energies realigning distorted polarities & restoring a healthy symmetry. Unifying these energies brings inner harmony, aligns energetic fields & helps one integrate all aspects of self to create a cohesive force of oneness within. Wearing Zebra Stone helps one to stay grounded, open & protected.

Zebra Stone teaches one to find strength in their vulnerability & not hide their true self from the world. It opens channels of self expression awakening lost, dormant or blocked parts of the soul & inner being. It guides one through the process of self exploration into the light of happiness & fulfilment. This removes the need to keep parts of the self separate or hidden & allows for a rapid increase in the bodies vibration helping to maintain the high vibrations of joy & happiness. As it raising vibrations it helps one to identify & dissolve the affects of toxic or negative energy & people.

Its energy opens channels of communication both internal & external. The awakening of these channels is especially good for neutralising negative mind chatter as well as healing misunderstandings in love relationships & family connections. It helps heal & release emotional wounds while promoting love & forgiveness.

This Stone connects to all beings from all times, it is ancient & wise gifting the ability to communicate with all levels of life or energy. A powerful ally for all types of magic & manifestation, particularly Earth, plant & animal magic it has a strong connection to the void of ancient mystery & the Akashic records. This connection is excellent for channelling ancient magic, knowledge, wisdom & healing.

Crystal Healing
Parasites, fungal issues, reproductive system, bladder, bowl function / IBS, stomach issues, anxiety & depression, acne or skin disorders, carpel tunnel & joint health.

Group: Sedimentary Rock
Composition: Quartz, Sericite, Alunite, Kaolinite, Dickite, Limonite & Hematite
Hardness: Varying
Transparency: Opaque
Colour: White – cream, reddish brown tones.

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